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The Ancient and Mystical Order Nomic Crucis offers the Doctorate degree in Metaphysics completely free based on past lives experience. If you studied with a great master in a past life (or were a great master), then this should be recognized in this life.

How will I know if my past life experience is worthy of a degree?
In one of your past lives you may have been a famous philosopher, a disciple of one, a great spiritual leader or a minion of a controlling power from another planet. Let your intuition guide you. Chances are, by clicking on the Nomicrucian University link, your Higher Power  was guiding you into the fullness of Self-Realization of your past lives and THE MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE.

Is this a fully accredited degree?
This degree is fully self-accredited by the Big Sur College of Mysterious Knowledge.  Any institution or employer that does not recognize this degree is not the kind of place you would want to associate with or belong to anyway.

What if this is my first incarnation here?
The Nomicrucian University actually views time as an illusion; future life experience, and inter-dimensional life experience all count towards your degree (i.e. if you do not believe in past lives but in the eternity of the soul, that would be covered in future life experience).

What kind of jobs can I get with this degree?
Although this degree is not meant to be a vocational degree, possible careers include:

  • Freelance or Consulting Philosopher
  • Minister
  • Television or Radio Psychic
  • Pet Psychic
  • Spiritual Counselor
  • Ecumenical Mediator
  • Vampire Hunter
  • Art Therapist
  • What other benefits are there to this degree?
    You will be able to say things like: "That is DOCTOR Cain to you! I didn't spend 20 years at the feet of Socrates in the Athenian Agora 300 years before the birth of Christ to be called MISTER Cain!" 

    How do I get the degree?
    Just e-mail with "Doctor of Metaphysics" in the subject line. Write a short paragraph of your past life experience and the degree will be sent to you as an attachment. Print the file and sign it. You will then be listed on the Distinguished Alumni page.


    You may also download the degree here but be sure to send an e-mail so we may list you as an alumni.  MS Word Format  (right click on PC or <option> click with a Mac)