Current Proposals

Read the guestbook to see the results of the last round of votine. Read each proposal, some were edited for brevity. The results of the voting will be posted on the Divine Decrees page. Only votes with a name and e-mail address will be counted. The designated number of the proposal, the text of the proposal, and the initials of the author are given below. If you are a new member, please read Divine Decree 603 before voting. - Lord High Sargon





Check off only the ones you are voting for. Any unchecked boxes are counted as a "no" vote.

    1. Divine Decree: Modification of Holy Decree 288: The procedure for submitting and voting on a proposal is as follows: 1) A proposal shall be submitted to the forum for initial review and comment period of at least 3 days, or until the next round of voting. 2) The proposal will then be posted on the proposal page of the web-site and have the date at which voting will end prominently displayed. 3) Initiates are to cast no more than one vote per initiate for the proposals on the proposal page. 4) Two weeks after the proposal is posted to the Proposal page, votes are counted. Any player who fails to vote within the prescribed voting period is deemed to have abstained. 5) When the voting period is over, the proposal is either adopted or rejected accordingly, and the author of the proposal scores a number of points, determined by multiplying the initiates level number by the fraction of favorable votes received by the proposal. 6) An additional points will by awarded for a successful proposal as follows: 5 points for a Holy Decree , 3 points for an Arbitrary Rule, 2 point for all other Decrees. NDP
   2. Aphorism:An aphorism is only as good as the drug which induces it. PR
   3. Divine Decree: A member shall recieve one palace in the afterlife for every level they advance in the AMONC, each palace being more splendid than the last, ad infinitum. PR
    4. Divine Decree: The official and primary objective of the Ancient Mystical Order Nomic Crucis shall be Total World Domination. Secondarily, tertiarily and quaternarily, it shall be to deceive, inveigle and obfuscate, respectively. PD
   5. Divine Decree: Modification of Holy Decree 215 Remove the reference to "Bank balances". 215 [Holy Decree] The Sargon shall list all initiates, their levels, point balances, and offices on the Hierarchy page. NDP
   6. Divine Decree: POINTS FOR REFERRALS: I hereby propose that each initiate be awarded three (3) points for each new initiate that he or she refers to AMONC who (a) is HUMAN, (b) joins our illustrious organization (e.g., requests to join and submits the next line to the poem (currently viewable at the end of the HEIRARCHY page), along with whatever other req's are voted in from time to time), (c) NOTES in the initial request that he or she was REFERRED by a particular specific intiate, (d) VOTES in at least TWO (2) elections. The three points shall be added by the Lord High Sargon at the time of the second vote by the new initiate. (Hey, it only takes 10 points to go up a level and maybe get a new castle to boot!!!) ES
   7. DIVINE DECREE: STOCK PHRASES Any initiate who utters the words "hot enough for you?" shall immediately lose two (2) points for each such occurence. ES
   8. Arbitrary Rule: Proposals shall not exceed 125 words. GBC
   9. Aphorism: An aphorism is only as good as the drug that induced it. PR
   10. Devine Decree: Each initiate may go up one level through the automatic purchase of initiation (33 points). These points go into the AMONC treasury. GBC
   11. Devine Decree: Divine Decrees shall require a 3/4ths majority. All other proposals a simple majority. GBC