The history of the Ancient Mystical Order Nomic Crucis is shrouded in ancient obscurities older than time itself. Pictured below is the Babylonian Magi, Bergomot the Exalted, counting the votes on whether to officially adopt the mystic hats they are wearing. Since the days of ancient Sumeria to modern times, style is everything.

The present AMONC has revived the hidden teachings that have survived in the game known as Nomic and revitalized the hidden mystic teachings for today. Much of this revitalization took place on the campus of the Big Sur College of Mysterious Knowledge through the work of Dr. Harvey Lapin who held the Chair of Summerian Erotic Poetry in 1934. In the Fall of that year, Dr. Lapin was taken with the simularities expressed in the fetish of rule-making that he found not only in world religions and goverment, but in schools, work-places, resturants, and anywhere enough humans could be found to form a bureaucracy, however small. Somewhere in all of this he knew that the will to make rules, however ridiculous and arbitrary, was at the heart of the human condition and the MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE.

Nomic is a game that explores the paradox of self-amendment inherent in the rule making process. The bare bones ideas behind Nomic itself is found here.

The AMONC is presently expressed in terms of 'game' Nomic. How do you join? To be one, ask one! All that is required of membership is a posting to the Guestbook asking to join (and the observation of Divine Decree 610). Once a month, we vote on changes to the rules or proposals, if your proposal is adopted, you getpoints. Points can be traded in for initiation at higher levels in the Mystical Body. For points, one may propose laws, teachings, arbitrary rules, folklore, prophecies, aphorisms, or rank superstition.