Lord Grand High Sargon: 
  Geoffrey Cain

Supreme Grand Nargal: 
  Jacqueline E. Cain

Mistress of Arbitrary Rules:
  Tashala M. Lowe

Grand High Dagon of Chaos:
  Peter A. DeSimone

Lady High Astrologer:
 Elizabeth Chapman

Mistress of Rank Superstition:
  currently open

  Emily Siskin

Initiates: (name, level, points)
Geoffrey B. Cain, lvl.1, 46
Jacqueline E. Cain, lvl. 1, 39
Tashala M. Lowe, lvl. 1, 69
Peter A. DeSimone, lvl.1, 40
Kevin Kilbride, lvl.1, -2
Emily Siskin, lvl.1, 73
Elizabeth Chapman, lvl.1, 69
Mischa Dasheka, lvl.1, 22 (-1)
Kate Chapman, lvl.1, 4
Luís Henrique, lvl.1, 33
Anakin, lvl.1, 6
Silas, lvl.1, 8
Kip Martin, lvl.1, -1
Peter C. Rohr, lvl.1, 8
Nom De Plume, lvl.1, 4



Oh, Pointy Birds

Oh, Pointy Pointy

Anoint my head, anointy-nointy

Dointy you feel jointy?

Simpler heads have gone before

Hollow hands do open doors

Glaze the careful carmel spore

Quoth the Censor, "Too much gore."

Oh, Pointy Birds

Oh, Pointy Pointy

Oh do not land

Upon my grointy

And with your holy ambergris,

Wilt thou please anoint me?

Oh, pointy head, So very pointy,

Much praise jah Ras-tafar-i.

Where do the gods go, anointy nointy?

Oh, Pointy Birds

Oh, Pointy Pointy

All new initiates contribute a line to this poem. Eventually we will have Peter DeSimone set this to music (something ponderously Wagnerian) and we will make it the official anthem. Thanks to all the hazees.