Ancient and Mystical Order Nomic Crusis
Divine Laws and 
Holy Decrees

Divine Laws

This is the complete set of current rules for AMONC, last updated 8/02/00.

101 [Divine Law]

The name of the game is the Ancient and Mystic Order Nomic Crucis.

102 [Divine Law]

The game is officiated, judged, and administrated by a player designated in the game as the Grand High Sargon. The player who takes the role of Sargon at the start of the game may be decided by any means agreeable to all current players. At any time, the Sargon may relinquish the position and appoint another player to be their successor, provided that player is willing and able to take the role.

The Sargon is bound by the rules of the game and may only influence the game as permitted by the rules. The Sargon is responsible for maintaining the smooth running of the game and for keeping reasonably up-to-date records of all information pertinent to the game (such as current rules, players, scores, etc) and for making that information publically available by appropriate means, such as on a web page.

Other Offices and Officers may be created by decrees. No Offices or Officers may be created whose power supercedes that of Divine Law.

103 [Divine Law]

Anyone may become a player at any time sending a message to the forum introducing himself or herself to the other players and stating that he or she wishes to be a player. Having done so, that person becomes an initiate.

104 [Divine Law]

All initiates must always abide by all the Divine Laws and Decrees then in effect, in the form in which they are then in effect. The rules in the Initial Set are in effect when the game begins. The Initial Set consists of immutable rules or Divine Laws (100-110) and the mutable rules or Holy Decrees (200-299). Other kinds of decrees shall include the Arbitrary Rules, Prophecies, Folklore, Rank Superstition. Other kinds of decrees may be proposed decree.

105 [Divine Law]

Whatever is not prohibited or regulated by a decree is permitted and unregulated, with the sole exception of changing the decrees, which is permitted only when a decree or set of decrees explicitly or implicitly permits it.

106 [Divine Law]

Divine Laws are immutable and their number may only be added to or transubstantiated by a unanimous vote. All other decrees are mutable and may be changed by a majority vote.

107 [Divine Law]

In a conflict between Divine Law and any other Decree, the Divine Law always takes precedence.

201 [Holy Decree]

The game shall be conducted in a single public forum (`the forum'), the form of which shall be the guestbook.

A decree-change is one of the following:

* the enactment of a new decree
* the repeal or amendment of a decree

202 [Holy Decree]

A proposal is a statement of one or more suggested decree changes. All proposals made in the proper way shall be voted on. They will be adopted if and only if they receive a majority of votes. If a proposal is adopted, any decree change it contains shall be incorporated into the decrees in the form in which it was voted on.

203 [Holy Decree]

Each decree proposal shall be given a number for reference. The first proposal shall be numbered 301 and each subsequent proposal shall be numbered with the next successive integer, whether or not the proposal is adopted.

If a decree is repealed and reenacted, it receives the number of the proposal to reenact it. If a decree is amended, its number remains the same. A newly enacted decree receives the number of the proposal to enact it, unless there is already a decree with that number, in which case the next lowest available integer shall be used.

204 [Holy Decree]

No proposal may take effect earlier than the moment of the completion of the vote that adopted it, even if its wording explicitly states otherwise. No decree-change may have retroactive application.

205 [Holy Decree]

There must always be at least one mutable decree. The adoption of decrees must never become completely impermissible.

206 [Holy Decree]

Decree changes that affect decrees needed to allow or apply decree-changes are as permissible as other decree-changes. Even decree-changes that amend or repeal their own authority are permissible. No decree-change is impermissible solely on account of the self-reference or self-application of a rule.

207 [Holy Decree]

The game proceeds with initiates submitting proposals which are then voted on and adopted or rejected accordingly. There is no playing order and any player may submit one or more proposals at any time, following the correct procedure for submitting proposals as detailed in other rules, and provided there are no conditions or circumstances preventing the player from submitting proposals.

208 [Holy Decree]

The procedure for submitting and voting on a proposal is as follows:

1. A proposal shall be submitted to the forum and posted on the proposal page of the web-site with a reception date.

2. Initiates will post to the guest book voting on the proposal.

3. Two weeks after the proposal is posted to the Proposal page, votes in the guestbook are counted. Any player who fails to vote
within the prescribed voting period is deemed to have abstained.

4. When the voting period is over, the proposal is either adopted or rejected accordingly, and the author of the proposal scores a number of points, determined by multiplying the initiate's level number by the fraction of favourable votes received by the proposal.

5. An additional points will awarded for a successful proposal:

5 points for a Holy Decree

3 points for an Arbitrary Rule

2 point for all other Decrees

211 [Holy Decree]

A proposal is adopted if and only if the vote is quorate and is a simple majority among the eligible voters. Quorum is achieved when at least fifty per cent of eligible voters cast a vote (i.e. fewer than fifty per cent).

210 [Holy Decree]

Anti-Voting is defined as voting against an accepted proposal or voting for a rejected proposal (determined when the vote for the proposal is complete).

For each proposal a player anti-votes on she shall receive 2 points.

211 [Holy Decree]

An adopted proposal takes full effect at the moment of the completion of the vote that adopted it and no sooner.

212 [Holy Decree]

If two or more mutable rules conflict with one another then the rule with the lowest ordinal number takes precedence.

If at least one of the rules in conflict explicitly says of itself that it defers to another rule (or type of rule) or takes precedence over another rule (or type of rule), then such provisions shall supersede the numerical method for determining precedence.

If two or more rules claim to take precedence over one another or to defer to one another, then the numerical method again governs.

213 [Holy Decree]

If players disagree about the legality of a proposed decree or the
interpretation or application of a decree, the Sargon shall confer with the Supreme Grand Nargal and decide the matter. This process is called invoking judgment. If judgement is invoked on the content of a proposal, it may not be voted on until the matter is resolved.

214 [Holy Decree]

The initial levels and offices of the AMONC shall be as follows:

All players start out as level one initiates. Each initiate may go up one level through the purchase of initiation (10 points). These points go into the AMONC treasury.

215 [Holy Decree]

The Sargon shall list all initiates, their levels, point balances, offices, and bank balances on the Hierarchy page.

216 [Holy Decree]

Offices may be created, bought or sold.

601 [Holy Decree]

Arbitrary Rule Proposal: The phrase "Mysteries of the Universe" should always be typed in capitalized letters. GC

605 [Holy Decree]

Arbitrary Rule Proposal: Fruit with the letters y or s in the name shall not be consumed on any Thursdays or Sundays nor on the first Monday after the full moon. TM

607 [Holy Decree]

Rank Superstition Proposal: It's bad luck to put a hat on a cat. ES

608 [Holy Decree]

Proposals that merely and arbitrarily state a negative case (i.e. "The official musical theme of the AMONC will NOT be the theme from Gilligan's Island") should not be considered as valid proposals. GC

609 [Addendum to Rank Superstition]

It's bad luck to put a hat on a cat unless your name is Theodore S. Geisel. E.C.

610 [Divine Decree]

All new initiates shall be required to submit, along with their request to join COMMENT in the guestbook, the next line to the poem, Oh, Pointy Pointy, which so far goes like this: Oh, Pointy Birds/Oh, Pointy Pointy. E.S.

611 [Divine Decree]

I propose that weasel teasing be strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the A.S.P.C.A., the weasel involved, and the N.F.L. While supplies last. E.C.

612 [Prophecy]

"When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars." E.C.

613 [Devine Decree]

All players shall recieve 2 points everytime a proposal they voted for passed. G.C.

614 [Devine Decree]

In order that our esteemed order remain so, the spelling of our esteemed order shall be regularlized, to whit:Ancient and Mystic Order Nomic Crucis throughout. E.S.

615 [Devine Decree]

Butterscotch Brownies shall be the offical sweet treat of the AMONC. E.S.

616 [Devine Decree]

The number of points awarded for the passage of an arbitrary rule vary from 1 to 6. Points awarded for any given rule (upon adoption) will be determined by random number generation on a standard six sided die. T.L.

618 [Devine Decree]

Being that soaking in hot water is good for body,mind and soul and that the health and well being of the nomic initiates is always of concerne I hereby propose that Hot Tubbing--that is to say soaking in a hot tub or jacuzzi of comfortably hot water, alone or with friends and loved ones-- be one of the officially recomended relaxation and recreational activites of the order. Furthermore when ever two (2) or more initiates gather in a hot tub together it will be considered a holy rite. Food and drink will only increase the pleasure and therefore holy nature of such events. For such an event to be considered wholy consecrated and completely spiritually redeeming massage may be added. T.L.

622 [Aphorism]

Drugs - not nearly as good without Nature. T.L.

623 [Aphorism]

Nature -- good even without the drugs. E.S

624 [Rank Superstition]

If you have sex without birth control you will have a baby. JC

625 [Aphorism]

If you can't be subtle, why even try. JC

627 [Aphorism]

Make love, not work. TL

633 [Divine Decree]

If a player votes against a proposed rule that DOES NOT pass, that player shall recieve two points. If a player votes FOR a proposal that DOES NOT pass, that player shall have one point deducted. If this proposal is passed, it will be effective beginning at the next turn and not for the turn where it was passed. JC

637 [Divine Decree]

Any initiate who fails to exercise their Sargon given right to participate in the glorious and rewarding voting process for three (3) sequential voting periods shall have their name stricken from the hallowed roles of this lodge and shall evermore be referred to as unclean. EC

638 [Divine Decree]

I propose that the weasel be adopted as the official mascot of our esteemed order, and further, be displayed upon our standard as a silver weasel rampant on a field of black whenever we take the field! EC

639 [Divine Decree]

A date shall be set for beginnings and endings of voting periods and posted on the "Proposal" page. GC

642 [Divine Decree]

The posting of fortune cookies to the Prophecy page shall only require the ratification of the Lady High Astrologer and are not subject to a vote. They shall still be worth two points. GC

643 [Divine Decree]

To ensure peer review and comment, no proposal shall be put forth for a vote unless it was first posted to the Proposal forum. GC

644 [Arbritrary Rule]

Addendum to Arbitrary Rule 6: "The phrase "Mysteries of the Universe" should always be typed in capitalized letters; however, if necessary in order to conceal the Mysterious Nature of the Universe from non-initiates, it is recomended to type it in lower-case." LH
645 [Divine Decree]

Once an arbitrary rule, an aphorism, a rank superstition or a divine decree has been voted on it should be stricken from the Forum and consigned to an accessible archive so as to keep the Forum current and relavent. TL

646 [Divine Decree]

Addendum to Prophecy #1001 which reads "The next president of the united states will win the election." clearly has not become truth (punishments for false prophets available?). Therefore I propose the following POS-phecy: "The next president of the united states won the election, except in the following cases: a) he lost the election; b) the election was a tie; c) there was no election; d) there is no longer such thing as a "President of the United States". LH

666 [Divine Decree]

NEW OFFICE (ANTICHRIST) A new office is made part of AMONC: ANTICHRIST. Emily M. Siskin is installed in this new office. ES

647 [Divine Decree]

All persons joining the AMONC must be sole individuals and non-fictional. In order to prevent voting blocks of pets and cartoon characters, an initiate must be a real person, with a real name. For the purposes of the AMONC a simplistic Decartesian definition of being will suffice but this definition will not be construed to be "truth" or the particular philosophy endorsed by the AMONC or any of its members.