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New Round of Voting: 11-08-00

We have formally welcomed Kate and Luis into the Mystical Body of the AMONC.

Remember to check out the "Proposals" page and vote.

In Ever Enveloping Folds of Obfustication,
Lord Grand High Sargon

Posted by: Geoff Cain, LGHS,Phd. Date: 11/01/2000

New Round of Voting Begins 12-17-00

We welcome Anakin and Silas to the fold. Their contributions to the poem are on the "Hierarchy" page (scroll down).

A new round of voting has begun. Check the "Proposal" page.

Posted by: Geoffrey Cain Date: 12/17/2000

Devine Decree Six Oh Three

Oh Lordy lordy, Blessed Be
I went to vote, yup, yesirree
And a command awaited me
To read Devine Dec. Six oh Three
But I could not find this decree
Although I searched so thoroughly
Was this a prank planned merrily
Or something else I do not see?

Posted by: Anakin Date: 12/20/2000

Credit where credit is due

The current proposal number one about back
issue proposals being consigned to an
archive to keep the forum current was one of
my proposals, not LH's. Please relist.
Thanks. (After such time I would like a re-count on that one--while someone else is getting credit for it, I'm not voting for it.) Tasha Lowe

Posted by: Tashala M. Lowe Date: 12/20/2000

New Members - New voting coming soon

We welcome Peter and Kip into the mysterious world of the AMONC. They have contributed to the poem which I take to mean that they have joined of their own free will and were not under any overt coercion on our part.

Be sure to post any proposals you have been mulling over because in the next two weeks we will begin a new round of voting.

If you haven't voted yet, please do, we have an Anti-Christ Ratification at stake here.

Posted by: Lord Grand High Sargon Date: 01/10/2001

Modification of Holy Decree 288

The procedure for submitting and voting on a proposal is as follows:

1. A proposal shall be submitted to the forum for initial review and comment period of at least 3 days, or until the next round of voting.

2. The proposal will then be posted on the proposal page of the web-site and have the date at which voting will end prominently displayed.

3. Initiates are to cast no more than one vote per initiate for the
proposals on the proposal page.

[continued on next post]

Posted by: Nom de Plum Date: 01/01/2001

Request for Proposals (RFP)

OK, folks, you should've recovered from all the New Year's, SuperBowl and/our Groundhog Day parties by now, so let's get going and SUBMIT some proposals re: the initiation rites for new offices in AMONC (e.g., AntiChrist).

Posted by: Emily M. Siskin, AntiChrist Date: 01/01/2001