Arbitrary Rules

This page is the provenence of the Mistress of Arbitrary Rules. Any arbitrary rule voted on and accepted by her shall be listed here and the proposor shall be given 2 points.

1. The official color of the AMONC shall be black.

2. All new initiates must wear a different colored sock on each foot for a period of forty days.

3. The official number of the AMONC shall be 42.

4. November 23 shall now be known as "Invite A Stranger To Bathe" Day.

5. No one may quote from the classic Japanese film "Tokyo Decadence" before 12:00 A.M. PST. in any conversation.

6. The phrase "Mysteries of the Universe" should always be typed in capitalized letters.

7. Fruit with the letters y or s in the name shall not be consumed on any Thursdays or Sundays nor on the first Monday after the full moon.