Dogma of The Church of the Righteous Loophold Seekers

The Prophet, tired in his travels of seeking the edge of the earth, sat down beneath an Amber Banana tree, and contemplated the Ruleset of nomic solitaire. While thus engaged, he discovered a wondrous loophole in those Rules, and contemplated the possibility of applying that loophole to Ackanomic. Just as he did so, however, a Golden Frog appeared, much to the Prophet's bestartlement, and the Prophet exclaimed:
"Oh, amphibian wonder, woe is Ackanomic! Twice before hast thou appeared to me, and given me wisdom with which to guide the Acka through the Church of the Markovian Dream. But now that Church is but a Cult, and here appears before me a monstrous loophole which threatens to engulf us all."
To which the Frog replied:
"Yea, O Prophet, and that is why I have come to you today. Examine closely the loophole thou hast found. In it lies Acka's destruction, perhaps, but perhaps also its salvation."
The Prophet was suitably awed, and so the Frog continued:
"Moreso, Prophet, the loophole which you see before you is but the least of the Dozen Mighty Loopholes which the denizens of Ackanomia have wrought as gallows on which to hang their fair game. You, Prophet, must go to Ackanomic and teach them the twisted paths of logic with which to see these monstrosities, and so by seeing, close them."
The Prophet (wrongly) thought he knew the Frog's intent, and so responded:
"Yea, O metallic one called Rana, I shall go unto Ackanomia, and propose to close these loopholes."
The Frog smugly replied:
"You think you can close the Dozen Mighty Loopholes my proposal alone? Surely, should you act against the least of these creatures, the others will come crashing down upon that fair game, splitting threads until no Officer could try to harf the game state, lest e go mad! There is only one way to slay these creatures. Seek out this weapon."
And in the air before the prophet appeared the vision of a flat object, five cubits in length, one cubit in breadth, and less than a handsbreadth in thickness. It was green.
"I reveal to you, O Prophet, the Loophole Surfboard, destroyed by Guy Fawkes for purposes of greed. Go to Ackanomia, and there find disciples to righteously surf the Mighty Loopholes, and by so surfing, end them. Yea, unless these righteous ones find and surf the Loopholes, less upstanding citizens of Acka may do so first, and who could in good conscience allow that to occur? Go now, and surf in righteousness."
It was some days after that the Prophet came to me and told me of the threat presented by the Dozen Mighty Loopholes. He instructed me to find mighty loophole warriors to surf them and destroy them, for I could not possibly do it alone. Who then dares to seek out the secret ways of Rules, to navigate vast seas of clauses in search of Mighty Loopholes. Who then shall stand against these awesome maelstroms of logic, to surf boldly and bravely into these twisted storms. Is there any left in Acka who will train their minds to master the devious ways of Loopholes, to righteously exploit those unconsidered clauses before the wicked do so? If so, let em stand beside me, and be known as a Priest of the Order of the Righteous Loophole Seekers.