Dogma of The Church to the Evil Ballot Stuffer

I, Koxvolio, am the founder, having been granted True Vision by the Great Evil Ballot Stuffer.

We draw together to worship The Great Evil Ballot Stuffer, who art above all entities. Through our reverence and usage of Evil Ballot Stuffers we shall gradually grow to understand the True Method for Stuffing Ballots, and shall grow to comprehend the Truth. As our followers become more advanced in their understanding (The First Test of Stuffing) the Great Secret of our order shall be revealed to them, and they shall take up their duties as a Priest.

All users of Evil Ballot Stuffers who are not part of the True Faith are hereby declared apostate, although we seek to welcome them back into the fold and into worship of the Great Evil Ballot Stuffer, of which all mortal Evil Ballot Stuffers are but pale imitations. We understand that they may possess wisdom that they did not know they had, and look forward to inaugurating them as Priests in our order, that they might share with us what they have learned, and that we may Stuff Ballots together.

Here endeth the Dogma.