Deciphering the Book of Wmbredd o Gwag

Rule S216 (Deciphering the Book of Wmbredd o Gwag) requires that when "a Player's Proposal is Rejected, and e has no other proposal previously Rejected that Week, e is obliged to decipher the next line of Book of Wmbredd o Gwag". Below is the entire deciphered text, to date, of the Book of Wmbredd o Gwag. Note that a number of Players neglected to decipher a line of the Book, despite meeting the criteria for having to do so. Therefore this text is missing some lines, which are forever lost to Ackanomic.

The Book of Wmbredd o Gwag

The King was trying to figure out why his window was open. This book is dedicated to my wife and children, for their patience and blood energy, and to all of the Gods, Godesses and Godrobots, but especially Mirzeffu the Elder. That was what was enscribed on the cover of the gilded book that was wedged in the window, propping it open. The King carefully removed the book, and peered out the window. Suddenly, a large raven flew at him. All of this seemed quite futile, since the window had uncereminously slammed shut with the removal of the book. So the raven, upon realizing this, landed on the ledge, and tapped it 67 times with its beak before flying off to the east. The king's face turned ashen as he stared, wide-eyed, at the departing bird. The number 67 had already come up several times that day, and the king was beginning to suspect that it could be connected with the curse laid upon him years ago. And he suspected further that there must be a mysterious connection between the curse and the fact that his entire court has been transformed into moles.

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