Ackanomic Armorial

Ackanomic Per pale sable and barry wavy tenne and purpure, a scale of justice between a frog and a life-glider, all or.
Red Mao Gang Argent, a dragon rampant purpure, langued gules.
Alfvaen Argent, a chevron azure between in chief two quills vert crossed in saltire and in base a cinquefoil gules.
Aunt Froot Azure, a saltire or beneath a rondel of the field fimbriated of the second charged with question mark also of the second, in dexter an eight-note and in sinister a Greek letter Pi argent, in chief a Hun proper erect and confused, and in base a juggling club of the third tipped sable and banded of the second, third and second.
/dev/joe Per cross, or and azure, an owl displayed, the numeral 3, a frog, a laptop computer with arms and legs, all counterchanged.
else...if Per fess or and in base per pale azure and sable, upon the first a wheel gules, upon the second a sword argent, and upon the third a goat or.
K 2 Per fess Murrey and Tenne, the south face of the mountain K2 as viewed from the Irish base camp, proper.
Quoth the Raven Argent, a chief chequy gules and argent, in dexter fess upon a trumpet gules a cock sable, in sinister fess, a rose gules, in base a serpent in anullo vert.
Burn the Witch Per cross potent and argent, a two of spades proper, an estoile tenne, a question mark tenne, and a two of clubs proper.
Reductio Gules, ten yellow duckies, wheeled blue.

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