Miscellaneous auxiliary meta-information

Wondering what to do while waiting for the results of your latest scam? The following is a list of Ackanomic (un)related resources provided by the players of Ackanomic.

This provides for automated proposal submission and voting. Sending #help to will fill you in on the mechanics of its operation.
At one time known as Ackanomic's official public dorum, Ackanomic IRC is available from on port 9942. Most players are in the US though, so don't expect much action outside US prime time.
MP3 cast
Although it is only tenuously associated with Ackanomic by virtue of the fact that several players have been known to play on it, its still worth a look in to relieve the writer's block on your current proposal, or whatever... point your mp3 player at NPR and take a moment to listen to the silence before subscribing to for the cast times.
Although it seems to be used mainly as a IRC portal on port 7777 is one of those moo thingies which you can do .. um... stuff on.