Clues, Riddles, and Guesses for Treasure 213

There were a total of three submissions, two from JT and one from /dev/joe, which I reproduce here below(with the blank tiles marked by capitalization toggle).

The quiz every xenobiologist just worked upon is over. Crap! Another guage will be needed to aim at any diffErinG Malacasi.

[ Using a made up name I thought was a bit unfair. ]

"The quizling goblin is dead."
"How difficult?"
"Xena just smacked it up."
"Verily, a great warrior, a boon to see."
"Aye, never moRe on paR."

[ Pretty clever, I thought. ]

I said to a rude beaver, "Many a page in ancient stories is true, like the following: A quicK brown fox jumped over the lazy dogS."

[ Not bad, but using a pangram is a sort of shortcut... ]

Thus I declare that JT has found the Treasure, with eir second Scrabble story.

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