Clues, Riddles, and Guesses for Treasure 195

Ah, is that what it was! All I got was "aufw fashion of wearing gingham...". Your "n" was upside down.

For those curious as to how I solved it... I barely glanced at it when it was first posted, but later discussions among the Treasure-Hunting League pointed out that it was actually encoded Roman Numerals. (Encoded by shifting one character to the left on the keyboard, in fact.) I then, of course, converted those numbers to standard Arabic ones, but couldn't figure out what to do with them. They ranged from 3 to 1188. I initially thought they might be letters encoded in pairs(i.e. "TH" would be 20*26+8), but 1188 was too big for that. Base 36(letters and digits)was the right range, but that brought up nothing but gibberish. The only other thought I had at the time was that they might be the ordinal numbers of words in some Proposal or post by The Gingham Wearer around the time.

Treasure 195 came up this afternoon on IRC, where JT and I cornered Mr. Tambourine Man and beat some clues out of em. I mean, brainstormed. JT shared with me the results of the Map Shard e'd played, and I talked about the methods I'd tried. MTM(a.k.a. TGW) told me that it was much simpler than any of that. On a hunch, I tried just taking the remainders mod 26, and soon got "repapswen". This was clearly "newspaper" backwards, so I figured I was on to something, or there was some colossal coincidence at work here. By applying this technique to the whole cipher(and reversing it)I got(spaces mine):

ntaje uhau aufw fashion of wearing ginghwm is sweeping across acka in a newspaper

Which was mostly comprehensible, but the first(last)bit was pretty munged. (TGW _did_ say when e buried it that there might be some mistakes...) So I am indebted to JT's Map Shard information, which led me to believe that the first two words were "state that".

And you know the rest. :-)

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