Clues, Riddles, and Guesses for Treasure 236

On 06 Sep 1998 16:06:04 Weishaupt Posted:

I go to the Wilds, where I recite the following poem publically:

O mighty six, the six that are no more
O how I wish that you six were still here
I look for you around the land, all o'er
And til I find you am not in good cheer

The Six No More are harfy, here or not
But when they were, how Phoebe sang their praise
Now that they are no more, the world is caught
In dreary, No-Six Ackanomic days.

Alas! I cannot find the Six No More
How very nonexistant you six be!
I look around from edge to very core
But still the Six No More I do not see.

Robin Hood Replied

Nice poem, but when you read the name of the seventh (at the top of the map) then you'll know what the six were. Also your lament is on the wrong subject, still you are clearly close.

Robin Hood

On 07 Sep 1998 01:44:48 Weishaupt Posted:

Still in the Wilds, i recite the following poem:

I've travelled many days and many years
But still there is a wonder here for me
I heard Colossus falling (Come now, tears)
And Great Zeus' statue fall into the sea

I came from far, the temple long since past
the gardens rotted long ago to dust
The earthquake-toppled lighthouse, and, at last
The mausoleum, turned to naught but rust

And now I cry, my eyes are red, I tear
I struggle for salvation in this land
I have not seen the wonders, But, what here?
The Pyramids before me, big and grand.

I figure it's worth a try...

Robin Hood Replied

Close enough. You are transported to the burial site by means most mysterious where you may collect the treasure.

Robin Hood

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