Clues, Riddles, and Guesses for Treasure 217

On Tue, 13 Oct 1998 23:53:50 K 2 posted:

Considering all the trouble I had to get JT to go to, to find the burial message for T240 I just thought I'd repostit for everyone's enjoyment.

most of what is quoted is a clue.

K 2

Subject: Re: Acka: Proposal 3126

Aaron V. Humphrey wrote:

> That's not my fault!  None of the recent 28-sum-digits Proposal authors
> have exercised their Acid Rain Dance privileges(though I don't believe
> anything prohibits them from doing so as many times as they want to, or
> whenever they want to--heck, as author of P1999 I could probably do it
> once I no longer have the Tree).  And people amended it to make it easier,
> too!  And nobody's ever eaten an Amber Banana on me, either!
> So okay, maybe it should go, but somebody should at least try it first.

I create a trinket called N-2,bromoacetyl, N-acetyl amine, it is worth A$ 30 and has the description : Useful, dispose of at your own risk...

I bury N-2,bromoacetyl, N-acetyl amine as a treasure and in no way reveal any part of the map ;)

K 2

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