Clues, Riddles, and Guesses for Treasure 228

This month we bring you some leaked documents form Mr. Tambourine Mans house:

While I still don't know if my guess at MTM's treasure is correct or not, I do want to thank /dev/joe for his help in finding various bits from the archives of mail and helping me to discover the link between TMBG and elvis :) (and also since it was his foreheads this puzzle was based on if I'm correct :))

Well, it looks as if the combination of Acka IRC's host and it's permanent resident has struck again!

JT has found treasure number [whatever my last treasure was]. The map was as follows:

This treasure shall be found by whoever tells MTM that his shoes were blue and explains why to his satisfaction.

The logic to the clue was as follows:

Particle, universe, triangle and person were a reference to Particle Man by They Might Be Giants. Adding two means to look two tracks after this song which is We Want a Rock on the album Flood. This isalmost certainly the source of inspiration for the Ackanomic Prosthetic Forehead (although to be certain you'd have to ask the author of them who I believe is /dev/joe). Even if it wasn't then with the addition of rocks to wind strings around the link is fairly secure. Using the results to your own ends was /dev/joe's museum win where he donated 500 prosthetic foreheads in one go. I can't remember the next clue but it should have led to snowgod calling forehead tribunals on three of these (Simon Marty Hariman, mr cwm and old Elvis). The first two were deemed to be copies (and I believe that I am currently wearing the original mr cwm forehead) but the old Elvis was judged unique. This was the vindication.

JT was correct in pointing out that my recent songson the ASS pointed to Elvis and Blue Suede Shoes. The first words of the song Walking in Memphis incidentally are "Put on my blue suede shoes". My other song since I burried was We Want a Rock which was an attempt to point out that that song was part of the treasure hunt. The only other slight clue given was the mention of /dev/joe when I buried it since he was pivotal to the central event in Acka history needed to find this treasure.

I have to say I was surprised at how long it took for this to be found. I was also surprised that JT and /dev/joe didn't see the link from "We Want a Rock" to prosthetic Foreheads - I know they had considered the possibility that adding two was going two tracks forward on the album "Flood". I was furthermore shocked at the originality of some of the guesses. I know for a fact that /dev/joe was searching through the lyrics of songs I hadn't even heard of looking for the word "shoes". I have to say though that I enjoyed the treasure and may consider something similar in the future.

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