Ackanomic Player Scores - Cycle 34

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[Note: there was no complete score file for cycle 34 on the web site, but I copied these scores from the email archive. -- /dev/joe]

The Magic Number is 281. The Happy Number is 105. (Thus, the Sad Number is 176.)
Blest Lax Monk Pal has had the Magic Potato and Studge had the Great Tuba since Monday 22th Feb 1998 12:00:00 -Acka.
Harfmeister: rice
Harfy props: none
Current Streak: none

1999 Tornadoes: March 20, 14:54 EST; June 21, 10:02 EDT; September 23, 01:37 EDT; December 21, 20:55 EST.

Current Scores:

 Score  Name                       Real Name
   84   Niccolo Flychuck           (Uri Bruck)
   79   /dev/joe                   (Joseph DeVincentis)
   67   else...if                  (Henry Towsner)
   64   Slakko                     (Duncan Richer)
   62   Laa Laa                    (Tom Walmsley)
   53   danke                      (Bill Palmer)
   53   K 2                        (Kelly Kelly)
   47   ThinMan                    (John Bollinger)
   36   rice                       (Eric Plumb)
   25   Dragon Mage                (JT Traub)
   19   Olde Alpha                 (Gavin Logan)
   15   two-star                   (Alexandre Muniz)
   11   IdiotBoy                   (Matt Miller)
   14   Robin Hood                 (Robert Shaw)
   14   rufus                      (David Scheidt)
   12   Euphrates                  (James McGregor)
    8   404 Not Found              (Joel Ricker)
    6   r-attila the farce         (Bryan Federico)
    4   Vynd                       (John McCoy)
    3   Burn the Witch             (Jonathan David Amery)
    1   Scandall                   (Alex Pes)
    0   Blest Lax Monk Pal         (Gavin Doig)
    0   Fortunato                  (Aaron Keesler)
    0   Fox                        (Charles Fox)
   -2   Calvin N Hobbes            (Thierry Joffrain)
   -2   Studge                     (Tom Meuller)

Status: Temporarily blank NOTE: "On Ice" players are no longer listed here. Point Log for this cycle

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