Ackanomic Postmaster

The Official Mailing List of Ackanomic is

Subscribe, unsubscribe and other commands should be sent to the list request address which is Do not send administrative commands to the list itself. Commands should be placed in the body of the message, not on the subject line.

Some of the useful commands are: If your outgoing email has an address other than the one you want the mailing list to use (for example, if your email address is jrandom@foo.dom but your email header gives your address as, you can use the command
You can use the help command to get a list of commands which can be sent to the list management software.

If you are subscribed to a list and have the DIGEST flag set, messages sent to the list will be collected and sent to you in batches. If you have the DIGEST2 flag set, you will recieve both normal and digested versions of the list.

There is also an acka-priv address which is not a seperate mailing list. Mail sent to it will go to the actual list, but with the default reply set to the sender rather than the mailing list. (This is used to aid players in avoiding Snowgod's Disease.)

There is also an FTP archive at the URL, where archived version of the digests can be found.

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