Clues, Riddles, and Guesses for Treasure 176

Alfvaen wrote (November 17, 1997):

Well, although Malenkai originally tried to obscure the fact, I'm sure that everyone seriously looking for the Parka had by this time realized that it had something to do with the Random Dice Server messages. But it wasn't until the most recent one that it occurred to me that the "PGP Signature" might have something in it. I was going to decode it, until I realized that it was made up of letters grouped in word-length clusters, with '+' and '=' characters separating them. And the letters were just a shift-1 Caesar cipher off the map.

Malenkai wrote (November 20, 1997):

The map was hidden in the PGP signature of various Dice Server messages, which were doctored by hand to make it appear that they came from the dice server.

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