Clues, Riddles, and Guesses for Treasure 151

/dev/joe wrote (Jun 01, 1997):

Grump, the deformed troll, he
Had arms where his legs should be.
He had legs in place of his fingers.
Each hand had five legs. Zingers!
Each leg's feet numbered three,
one at the ankle and two at the knee.
Each foot, however, had just three toes.
Each arm had just one hand, which glows!
And Grump's only other deformity, it's said
Was an extra leg in the back of his head.

Some people blamed Grump's sad condition
On Acid Rain, or hypermalnutrition
Or on some old banana tree
Or on the floods that came monthly.
An old priest says that he
Can't fly astronautically
And this shape, most hypnotic
Is not at all astrobiologic.
A scrap of paper bears the protest
"Uijt jt opu uif ijeefo dpouftu."

/dev/joe wrote (Jun 01, 1997):

Alfvaen wrote:
> So surely, then, Grump had 63 feet.
Alfvaen has found my treasure consisting of the Lucky Ball and Chain, Bronze Umbrella, and the cheap plastic imitation of the amulet of yendor. Sorry that the puzzle wasn't harder, but I didn't have time to make a better one.

The map was:

Solve the puzzle in my June 1st prayer and post publicly how many feet Grump has.

The solutions to the puzzles in my burial posting were:

puzzle 1  SENDAPUBLI
       2  CMSGANDTEL
       3  LHOWMANYFE
       4  ETGRUMPHAS

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