Clues, Riddles, and Guesses for Treasure 126

/dev/joe wrote (Feb 16, 1997):

I found the hidden contest in the April GAMES about 2 days after I buried that treasure. It is in there, and it's not so obscure that even people who are hunting for it thoroughly will miss it, like the last one. (The last hidden contest was hidden in the cryptogram titles, which looked like perfectly ordinary titles, and were appropriate for the encoded messages, but when each title was decoded by the same code used in the message, they combined to form a message telling how to enter the hidden contest. Only 33 people found it and entered the contest; usually that number is more like 1000 for a hidden contest.) If somebody finds Orion's Crystal I plan to bury another treasure the next time GAMES has a hidden contest, though it may not have the extra joke associated with Orion's Crystal.

Mohammed wrote (Feb 18, 1997):

What follows is a spoiler to GAMES Magazine's April 1997 Hidden Contest!

Don't read it!

The Hidden Contest can be found on page 30 of the April issue of Games, in a puzzle called "Fold-Erol". The instructions say, "Each space in the grid will be used in exactly two words." However, there are a number of apparently unchecked letters at the top and bottom of the grid. After solving the puzzle, the 13 unchecked letters at the top of the grid read "HIDDEN CONTEST". The 13 letters at the bottom contain the instructions for entering the contest.

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