Clues, Riddles, and Guesses for Treasure 125

fnord wrote (Feb 05, 1997):

After fighting the gravity of the situation, and placing the Hall of Elders gently back upon the ground of Acka proper, I think it's time for some Rest and Relaxation. To that end, I think I'll head on down to the beach, and walk along the Boardwalk. Hopefully, I have enough money to pay the rent if someone owns a Hotel here.

fnord wrote (Feb 05, 1997):

In case any were wondering, here's how I solved the map. The rows and columns of numbers indicated how the grid row/colum was to be coloured in (i.e. 1 4 1 indicated a group of 1 dot, at least one space, 4 dots, at least one space and then one more dot). I've seen these puzzles before in GAMES magazine, a favorite of mine since way back when.

I had figured out the lines of the board, the arrow in the GO square and the lines indicating the text on the two properties visible. I had to go out to the web to make sure that it was Broadway and not Park Place (as I hadn't seen a Monopoly board in ages). I never did figure out the dots for the word "GO".

/dev/joe wrote (Feb 05, 1997):

In GAMES they call these puzzles "Paint by Numbers". As I recall, GAMES said the puzzles were already a big hit in Japan when GAMES first printed them a few years ago; they've since gained quite a bit of popularity in the US, to the point that whole books of just these puzzles have been produced (at least one by GAMES and one by someone else).

My first attempt at creating this puzzle had skinnier "GO" letters, and resulted in a puzzle that was either too hard to solve, or, more likely, had multiple solutions. In any case, the one I used for the treasure has only one solution, and I considered it an easy puzzle, on the scale of the first or second PbN in a typical issue of GAMES World of Puzzles, where they have 6 of these most issues.

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