Official Charter of the SPAM Party - declared November 14, 1997

I. First Part of The Charter of SPAM
This is the Charter of SPAM. No other document is SPAM's charter. This document may be modified by the unanimous vote of all members of SPAM. If ever SPAM contains zero members, this Charter will self-destruct.

II. SPAM's Goals
SPAM has the goal of enforcing justice and eliminating Crime in a humorous way.

III. SPAM's Methods
If a member of SPAM submits a CFCJ against a non-member of SPAM, then, if SPAM has A$20, it will transfer A$20 to the player submitting the CFCJ to compensate them for the court fee. If SPAM does not have A$20, then it will levy the minimum possible fee per member in Ackadollars such that each member capable of paying does so (no member shall be forced to pay more Ackadollars than they have), and that after the fee SPAM will have at least A$20, A$20 of which will then be transferred to the CFCJ submitter.

IV. End of Charter
This is the last part of the Charter of SPAM.