Official Charter of the FOOZBALL Party - Wed Mar 20 3:15pm CST 1996

Founding Members: chess piece face (Paul Swan), pTang1001001sos (Mark Nau), Robert Sevin (Mitchell Harding).

By the writing of this Charter, the existence of FOOZBALL is hereby declared (once again).

The party name, FOOZBALL, is an acronym for: the Fraternal Order Of Zebraic Bison And Leprous Llamas.

In order to join the party, send a message to one of the current party members. After a seemingly infinite discussion, you will be informed of your fate. We'll also answer any questions potential applicants might have.

FOOZBALL encourages the following things:

1. The alteration of the rule set (via amendment, repealing, transmutation, and creation of rules) in order to make the game more fun, and more complex. We aim to achieve a complexity that does not inspire boredom or time-wasting. Rather, we are endeavoring to create a level of complexity that stimulates game play, and makes the game more enjoyable for all involved.

2. A bit of silliness to add flavor and fun. The game should not be prosaic and mundane.

3. Extensive discussion of issues such as proposals, protoproposals, and other pertinent topics. No member should be reluctant to explain their position on any current topic.

4. Party unity voting, in order to make our political agenda a reality. No member should vote against their will, but all members should be willing to listen to reasoned arguments, and defend their opinions.

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