Official Charter of the FOOZBALL Party - Thu Feb 1 5:00pm 1996 Founding Members: Mitchell Harding, Eric Sebesta, Paul Swan, Amie Longenbaugh

By the writing of this Charter, the existence of FOOZBALL is hereby declared.

The party name, FOOZBALL, is an acronym for: the Fraternal Order Of Zebraic Bison And Leprous Llamas.

To join the party requires a written request to the current members (Paul Swan, Eric Sebesta, Mitchell Harding, and Amie Longenbaugh). According to the internal rules of the party, not disclosed here, the applicant will be either accepted, rejected, put on the "FOOZBALL Waiting List". All members of the party must obey all of the rules of the party (which they will learn upon joining, or perhaps, if favored by the gods, upon request) or they will cease being members of the party.

The goals and ideals of the party are a complex matter. Primarily FOOZBALL is in favor of silliness, and rule changes. However, members of FOOZBALL feel that certain rules are best left alone, such as the rules that state "You must obey the rules", and "Rule changes cannot be applied retroactively". Therefore while FOOZBALL is in support of altering the rules, they do believe that there are limits to this. Further, FOOZBALL members oppose rules that excessively prohibit or restrict game play, and also oppose rules that grant excessive amounts of power to any one player. All of these ideals and goals are intended to further the scores of the members of FOOZBALL, and to make the game Ackanomic more fun.

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