Official Charter of the Vulcan Party - August XX, 1996

The initial members of Vulcan are:
/dev/joe, Niccolo Flychuck, and ThinMan

The Charter of Vulcan:

1. The goal of the Vulcan party is to repeal or rewrite illogical rules in the existing rule set, and prevent more such rules from being added. Fun rules are OK, but they should be well-written fun rules. Rules with some purpose are preferable to do-nothing rules.

2. Secondary goals of Vulcan are to get party unity votes, and to play Party Chess and any other activities defined for parties. Party Unity won't be stressed too much, but it does mean that all members are expected to vote on every proposal.

3. If a loophole is discovered in the rule set that allows an unexpected action, it is permissible to take advantage of that loophole before removing it, particularly if it can result in a win for a member of Vulcan.

4. Players may only join Vulcan with the approval of a majority of the existing members. A player may be removed from Vulcan for not voting, or for any other reason, by the approval of a majority of the other members. The charter of Vulcan may be amended by a majority of the members.