Official Charter of the Underworld Party - Thu May 30 15:58 CDT 1996

The UNDERWORLD Political Party
The founding members of UNDERWORLD are Wayne, Techno, and Bash.

The UNDERWORLD is dedicated to the accumulation of power in all its forms. Our pursuit of power will not necessarily be limited to Ackanomic, but may extend into other Nomics, whatever their form. We intend to use our collective power to the advantage of our party and its members, and will not let foolish morality or other weaknesses keep us from doing so. The UNDERWORLD will not be above bribing Judges or votes. Our votes will be up for sale if the price is right.

There shall be a Party Boss (PB). The PB shall be a member of the Underworld (UW). The PB shall be responsible for all UW assests. If at any time the PB is no longer a member of UW, a new PB shall be selected. If at any time a majority of members support another member for PB, a new PB shall be selected.

To select a new PB, a majority of members must support a member of UW. Once their support is distributed to all members, the player supported shall be the new PB. Any UW assests controlled by the old PB shall be transferred to the new PB ASAP. The initial PB shall be Wayne.

To join UNDERWORLD, unanimous consent must be given from all active members. New members may be required to contribute a fee set by the PB to the UNDERWORLD assests. If at any time, the party is dissolved, the UW assets will be distributed by the PB as he sees fit.

Conditions for removal from UNDERWORLD:
(one or more of the below)

1. not voting with the Party when requested to do so by the PB.
2. Expulsion by the PB. No reasoning need be given.