Dogma of The Church of Seleya

If there were no lawful advantage gained by belonging to a Church, Vulcans and other like-minded people probably would not join a Church. However, there is such an advantage now, thus a great altar is constructed here on Seleya, the tallest mountain on Vulcan, to help protect free-thinkers from hordes of torch-wielding flat-earthers. Through a powerful telescope which is built into the altar, it is possible to see the Earth!

Public Policy of the Church of Seleya

(There may be other policy which is not public)
Any player may be a follower of the Church of Seleya, except for those players specifically banned. The Founder has the rights to ban players from becoming followers, to remove such bans, to remove followers from the church, and to amend this policy, as well as any other rights defined in the rules.