R207: When a proposal is accepted: +10 proposer, +3 players who voted no, +2 additional if new player proposer
R207: When a proposal is rejected, but met quorum: -7 proposer, +3 players who voted yes, +3 if new player proposer
R207: When a proposal fails to meet quorum: -5 players who abstained
R207: When a proposal with less than 5 lines of text in the body is accepted: +5 proposer
R207: * see R208

R208: lots of timing details on scoring
R208: section 5: no scoring changes are generated by a rule being amended when a proposal passes which amends a proposal-based scoring rule

R213: When a judge who accepts appointment fails to deliver judgement in one week: -10 judge

R306: When a proposal proposed by the bearer of the potato is accepted: +2 proposer R306: * see R208

R339: When a player's score reaches exactly -60: +80
R339: When a player's score reaches below -60: raise it to 0.

R400: When a player is voted impolite: -3

R423: When a player retracts his proposal: -2 retracter

R569: When the supreme court overturns a judgement: -1 to -10 original judge
R569: When the supreme court agrees with the original judgement: -20 appealer

R578: When a player retracts his CFJ: -1 retracter

R588: When a player selected as a judge does not accept or decline the appointment as judge within 3 days: -10

R593: When the inventor is impeached: -20 inventor
R593: When the inventor resigns during an IP vote on him: -5 inventor

R613: When an IP is rejected: -10 author

R666: Between cycles: all scores are set to 0, -15 per win for past winners.

R728: When a proposal containing "cows eat grass" is accepted: +5 proposer
R728: * see R208

R729: When a heretic is burned: -10 heretic

R730: When the player with Phoebe's matchbox posts what Phoebe says: +6
R730: When the player with the matchbox fails to post what Phoebe says: -3
R730: If it is voted that a Phoebe report is inaccurate: -12

R761: When the Guest of Honour of a parade fails to publish a description of the parade within 7 days: -10 Guest of Honour (proposer of an accepted proposal whose number ends with "76")
R761: All players, for each parade: +1 (except Great Trombone owner)
R761: Great Trombone owner, for each parade: +10 (except if vacationing)

R824: When 10 consecutive proposals are accepted: +5 each proposer
R824: * see R208

R866: Magic Number Changes (see rule)

R937: If a Mad Hatter does not post a SVH hat design in 3 days: -3 Mad Hatter

R970: If an internomic proposal submitted by ackanomic passes: +7 to the player who submitted it to the liaison.

R962.2: When a player returns to the game, in the same cycle he left it, his score is set to the minimum of the score he had when he last left the game, and 0. If a player returns in a later cycle than when he left, his score is 0.

Whamiol: Whan a new player enters the game: +15 owner Whamiol: If no players enter the game for 30 days: -1 every 2 days