At the end of the second cycle,
Wed Jun 5 13:35 EDT 1996:

Score   Ackanomic Name   Status  Real Name
-----   --------------      ---  -------------
257	Bascule              A   (Matt Black) 
245	this is not a name   A   (Mike Epstein) 
238	Techno               A   (Jerome Herrman) 
215	Robin Hood           A   (R Shaw) 
212	ThinMan              A   (John Bollinger) 
211	Wayne                A   (Wayne Sheppard) 
211	Mohammed             A   (Jason Orendorff) 
185	Malenkai             A   (Randy Hall) 
185	/dev/joe             A   (Joseph DeVincentis) 
173	Dr McSpong           A   (Julian Richardson) 
171	mr cwm               V   (Eric Murray) 
137	SnafuMoose           A   (Stephen Roberts) 
133	De'ghew              A   (John Spickes) 
121	Brinjal              A   (Simon Clarke) 
96	snowgod              A   (Phil Ackley) 
96	Niccolo Flychuck     A   (Uri Bruck) 
47	Merlin the Happy Pig A   (Stephen Wilson) 
36	Simon Marty Harriman V   (Andy Swan) 
35	fon                  V   (Adrian Smith) 
15	Calvin N Hobbes      A   (Thierry Joffrain) 
8	Robert Sevin         V   (Mitchell Harding) 
0	Pascal               A   (Jason Reed) 
0	Kelly Martin         A   (Kelly Martin) 
-2	chess piece face     V   (Paul Swan) 
-22	The Great Old One    V   (Sean Crystal)