Proposal 1201 - Mon Sep 09 19:28:30 EDT 1996
Power to the Pieces (again)
Guy Fawkes (Robert Shimmin)
Decision: Accepted

This is a Modest proposal.

Amend the first sentence of Rule 990, section 3C to read:

"A PartyChessPieceDef rule may define means different from those defined in this rule by which the defined piece may capture or not capture opponent's pieces."

Proposal 1202 - Mon Sep 09 23:33:12 EDT 1996
More Work for the Map-Harfer
Malenkai (Randy Hall)
Decision: Accepted

Amend Rule 895, "Map-Harfer", to read:

The Office of the Map-Harfer is a Functional Office.

The duties of the Map-Harfer are:
a) to create and maintain the Map of Ackanomia, as governed by other rules.
b) to maintain and make publically available a list of the locations of all entities, including players, for which location is known or specified.

{{[it makes more sense for the map-harfer to do this, rather than the speaker]}}

Proposal 1203 - Mon Sep 09 23:33:42 EDT 1996
Why Me?
Malenkai (Randy Hall)
Decision: Accepted

Amend R 592, "Protection" to add the following text after the fourth paragraph of the rule:

Manipulation of a protected entitiy is permissable if such manipulation is not explicitly regulated by the rules, and such manipulation would not have a material effect on the game. In other words, the game state must be the same after the manipulation as it would have been had the manipulation not occurred.

For the purposes of the above paragraph, discussion of the manipulation is not considered a material effect on the game. Nor is the initiation, or the effects, of a CFJ or CFCJ alledging or indicating the manipulation was illegal, unless said CFJ or CFCJ is judged TRUE. It is recognized that deciding whether a particular manipulation materially affected the game state is a matter that often can only be decided by judgement alone.

{{[I just want to drink some Right-Handed Grapefruit Juice, or bonk Supreme Court Justices over the head with a Bronze Torch, and not go to Gaol like snowgod did.]}}

Proposal 1204 - Tue Sep 10 10:06:45 EDT 1996
Phoebe Fixup
Malenkai (Randy Hall)
Decision: Accepted

This is a Modest Proposal.

Amend R 730 as follows:

1) add the following at the end of the 4th paragraph:

"Such challenges must be made within 3 days of the wisdom being posted, and may only be made once per report."

2) replace all occurrance of the phrase "the tabulator" with "the assistant tabulator".

{{[the first section is implicit game custom, I suppose, but I need it to be explicit for something I am considering. I do not want to tie a needed fix to a potentially risky proposal, hence the modesty]}}

Proposal 1205 - Tue Sep 10 10:06:57 EDT 1996
ammend R1116
Niccolo Flychuck (Uri Bruck)
Decision: Rejected

A proposal to ammend R1116 in the following ways:

I. In section 1 sub-section b, replace all occurences of the text "Swinger" with the text "Swingers"

II. In section 1 sub-section, replace all occurences of the text "highest Absolute Weight" with the text "highest non-zero Absolute Weight"

III. Append to section 1, after the end of sub-section b, the following text:
"c. Whenever two or more or more Swingers with non-zero Absolute Weights have the same Absolute Weights, a condition of a Tie-Fighter is declared by the Chess-Umpire. The condition of Tie-Fighter ceases to exist when all non-zero Absolute Weights are different from one another."

Proposal 1206 - Tue Sep 10 10:07:14 EDT 1996
Creation of Games & Contests
Niccolo Flychuck (Uri Bruck)
Decision: Accepted

1. There exists a class of entities known as Games & Contests (singular - Game or Contest)
2. Games & Contest are listed on the Games & Contest web page which is maitained by the GamesMaster
3. The GamesMaster is a Functional Officer.
4. A listing for a Game or Contest consists of the name of the Game or Contest, the name of its author or authors, and a link to a full description which may be maintained on a seperate page.
a.The Games & Contest web-page has a General Equipment Section, which specifies entities that may be used with any of the Games & Contest on the list.
b. Entities from the General Equipment section have no influence on any Ackanomic entities other that than what is specified by this rule.

c. Equipment for a Game or Contest is implicitly created when the Game start, and destroyed when the game is over.
d. It is permissible for a Game or Contest to create legal Decks, according to R1155.
6. Each Game or Contest has a legal ackanomic name.
7. The description for each Game or Contest may specify the following things:
a. Entities from the Genral Equipment section which are used in the specific Game or Contest
b. A list of entities specific to the Game or Contest, that can be used as part of the Game or Contest. Section 5, subsections b-d are applicable to the Game or Contest specific entities described in this section.
c. Upper and lower limits on the number of participants in the specific Game or Contest
d. Rules for the Game or Contest.
e. Conditions for winning the Game or Contest
f. any additional information necessary to play that specific Game or Contest.
8. Games & Contest have no direct influence on Ackanomic. They may not manipulate any Ackanomic entity, with the following exceptions:
a. Games & Contest may specify transfer of currency between participants, in the specific Game or Contest, as entry fees, rewards or penalties.
b. Games & Contests may specify a transfer of currency from the Treasury to the Game or Contest, with an upper of limit of A$50 per instance of a Game or a Contest.
c. Games may add or subtract points from the score of a participating player. The maximum number of points added or subtracted in any specific instance of a Game or a Context is 12.

9. Adding a listing to the Games & Contests web-page
There two ways to add a listing to the Games & Contests home page

a.By sending a description of Games & Contests, or Entities for the general equipment section are sent to the GamesMaster, who distirbutes the description publically. If at least 5 Active Players, or 10% of the Active Players, whicever is greater, endorse the description, then it is added to the Games & Contest web-page, to the appropriate section.
10. Removing a listing of a Game or Context, or an entity from the General Equipment section from the Games & Contests web-page.
- A Game, a Context or a an entity from the General Equipment section can be removed by a proposal whichi has been submitted and accepted according to the rules.
11. Participation in Games and Contests is voluntary. No player may be forced to take part in a Game or a Contest.

Proposal 1207 - Tue Sep 10 16:56:10 EDT 1996
Underworld Payoff
Wayne (Wayne Sheppard)
Decision: Rejected

{{ Each Active Player who is a member of Underworld when this proposal passes shall be granted A$300 each, payable from the Treasury. }}

Proposal 1208 - Wed Sep 11 02:12:42 EDT 1996
Malenkai (Randy Hall)
Decision: Accepted

Repeal R 1116, "The Law of Party Gravity"
{{[I thought about neutering it to see how votes *would* accumulate, but I am bothered by a rule which dispenses votes based on an untested, complex, heretofore buggy game.

I would like to see party chess playtest *alot* before giving away votes. I went in to tinker with party gravity, saw a paradox, saw how a split underworld party could abuse the system, etc. Lets just playtest this thing first]}}

Proposal 1209 - Wed Sep 11 02:12:54 EDT 1996
One less thing for the Financier to do
Malenkai (Randy Hall)
Decision: Accepted

Amend R 666 to remove section f).

{{[given the bull market in bonds, this unnecessary clause creates extra work for the Financier]}}

Proposal 1210 - Wed Sep 11 02:13:11 EDT 1996
Writer's Block this Month
Malenkai (Randy Hall)
Decision: Rejected

This is a Modest proposal.
Amend R 451 to append the following text at the end of the rule:

The following shall be considered to be spelled correctly, even if they do not appear in the Official Dictionary, with the indicated meanings:

1) 'iff' meaning 'if and only if'
2) Spivak pronouns with their generally accepted meanings

Proposal 1211 - Wed Sep 11 10:57:52 EDT 1996
Repeal 432
IdiotBoy (Matt Miller)
Decision: Accepted

This proposal, if enacted, will repeal R432 ("Consecutive NO Votes").

{{[<-- Them brackets are COOL! R432 is an archaic rule, which merely serves to subjugate the will of the players]}}

Proposal 1212 - Wed Sep 11 12:04:27 EDT 1996
Wayne (Wayne Sheppard)
Decision: Rejected

This Rule takes precedence over all mutable rules.

snowgod shall be replaced as president by IdiotBoy.

Proposal 1213 - Wed Sep 11 12:05:18 EDT 1996
Wayne (Wayne Sheppard)
Decision: Rejected

This Rule takes precedence over all mutable rules.

Techno and Bash shall become the Justices.

Proposal 1214 - Wed Sep 11 12:06:55 EDT 1996
Wayne (Wayne Sheppard)
Decision: Rejected

This Rule takes precedence over all mutable rules.

Each player who is not a member of Underworld and owns at least 20 PFbonds in thier own name shall transfer 20 PFBonds to Wayne.

Proposal 1215 - Wed Sep 11 13:35:09 EDT 1996
Renaming Houses
/dev/joe (Joseph DeVincentis)
Decision: Accepted

This is a modest proposal.

Amend rule 839 by adding the following to the end of the first paragraph after the list of building sizes:

Players may rename a building they own which was created by this section of this rule by announcing the new name and unambiguously identifying the building to be renamed in a public message.

Proposal 1216 - Wed Sep 11 13:35:11 EDT 1996
/dev/joe (Joseph DeVincentis)
Decision: Accepted

{{[ Due to the possible confusion that "preambles" in proposals can cause, especially if they are not bracketed like this one, I want to add to the rules what is now game custom, that a proposal to create a new rule does not need to state this, and limit this effect to proposals which only create one new rule, so that in a proposal like "Jeremiah, the rather average looking bullfrog", the preamble doesn't get written into a rule.

I think this is a reasonable limitation; there's another limit implicit in what I've written below, which I think is required, to ensure that a whole proposal which has other effects can't be interpreted as creation of a new rule which has those effects. Due to this limit, a proposal to create one new rule which somehow deals with amending (etc.) rules will have to explicitly state that it is creating a new rule. ]}}

1. Amend Rule 491, "What Is A Rule Change?", change

"Otherwise, the rule change is invalid."


"If an accepted proposal does not refer to amending, repealing, transmuting, or creating rules, then it is treated a valid rule change to create a new mutable rule with the entire body of the proposal as its text; this implicit creation of a new rule is only applied in the case defined in this sentence. Rule changes not defined as valid by the rules are invalid."

2. Repeal all rules whose text differs only in spacing, punctuation, and/or capitalization from "This is a modest proposal".

3. The six lines between the next two quote marks is Section A.


The framers of rule 629 intended to allow the Report of the Convention to
be accepted under circumstances other than an EXACT 7/8 to 1/8 vote. This
Rule Change would allow unanimous, and >7/8, acceptance to permit the
Report of the Convention to be accepted.

Repeal all rules whose entire text is Section A.

Delete Section A wherever it appears within Rule 629.

Proposal 1217 - Wed Sep 11 13:38:28 EDT 1996
The Payoff
Wayne (Wayne Sheppard)
Decision: Rejected

This is a Modest proposal.

Each member of Underworld shall have 30 points added to thier score every Monday at 9:37 AM EST.

Proposal 1218 - Wed Sep 11 13:51:02 EDT 1996
Scroll of Money
Wayne (Wayne Sheppard)
Decision: Rejected

There shall be a protected entity call the Scroll of Money. This scroll will list the names of the players who voted for the proposal that created this rule. The scroll will exist unchanged until this Rule is modified or repealed.

On the first Friday of every month, A$400 will be transfered from the Treasury to each player who has thier name on the Scroll of Money.

Proposal 1219 - Wed Sep 11 14:18:42 EDT 1996
Time Zone
IdiotBoy (Matt Miller)
Decision: Rejected

The official time of Ackanomia shall be Central US (UTC -0600).

Proposal 1220 - Wed Sep 11 14:25:02 EDT 1996
/dev/joe (Joseph DeVincentis)
Decision: Rejected

Amend rule 566 by changing "A$100" to "A$250", and adding the following to the end of the rule:

When a proposal is retracted, the treasury returns all A$ paid to it for the purpose of buying votes by this rule to the players who paid those A$.

Proposal 1221 - Wed Sep 11 15:19:53 EDT 1996
Amend Rule 1219
Guy Fawkes (Robert Shimmin)
Decision: Rejected

This is a modest proposal

Amend Rule 1219, if such a rule exists, to include the following sentence at its end.

"When Daylight Savings Time is in effect (or would be in effect for those areas which do not observe it) the official Ackanomic time will be Central Daylight Savings Time."

Proposal 1222 - Thu Sep 12 11:48:22 EDT 1996
Sigh, Malenkai, Sigh...
/dev/joe (Joseph DeVincentis)
Decision: retracted by author

This is a modest proposal.

Amend rule 1116, section 2.a. by changing the first "[" to "(" and changing the first "]" to ")".

Proposal 1223 - Thu Sep 12 11:48:50 EDT 1996
Appealing Appeals
Malenkai (Randy Hall)
Decision: Accepted

Amend R 569 to replace the 4th paragraph with:

If the Court agrees with the previous verdict, then the player who lodged the appeal shall be fined 25 points for frivolously bothering the Judges. However, if the Court finds the case differently than the previous verdict, then the verdict shall be overturned to the new verdict, and the judge (or each justice on the court) who delivered the previous verdict, shall be fined an amount from 1 to 10 points, to be decided by the Justices of the Court.

{{[the current paragraph of the rule is pretty buggy on appeals of appeals; in fact, if the court finds for breadbox' position on CFJ 269 and overturns it back to FALSE, breadbox loses 25 points! If they uphold TRUE, they must penalise the original judge again.]}}

Proposal 1224 - Thu Sep 12 11:49:09 EDT 1996
Harfmeister Bug
Malenkai (Randy Hall)
Decision: Accepted

This is a Modest Proposal.

Amend R 1112.1, "Let there be Harf!" to replace all occurrances of "accepted or rejected", with "accepted, rejected, or otherwise removed from voting consideration"

Proposal 1225 - Thu Sep 12 11:49:49 EDT 1996
Honor Among Theives
Guy Fawkes (Robert Shimmin)
Decision: retracted by author

This is a Modest proposal.

Create a new rule reading:

All members of the Underworld party must always have the same score. If at any time they do not, all their scores shall be immediately and simultaneously adjusted to the number given by the sum of their scores divided by the the number of players in the party, with any remainder destroyed.

Proposal 1226 - Thu Sep 12 11:50:13 EDT 1996
Scroll d'Argent
Malenkai (Randy Hall)
Decision: retracted by author

There shall be a protected entity called the Scroll d'Argent. This Scroll will list the names of the players in the game at the time this rule was enacted. The Scroll will exist unchanged until modified by another rule.

On the first Friday of every month, A$400 will be transfered from the Treasury to each player who has thier name on the Scroll d'Argent.

Proposal 1227 - Thu Sep 12 11:50:38 EDT 1996
Wully Bully
Malenkai (Randy Hall)
Decision: retracted by author

{{All Wully Bullies, other than the one created by this rule, are hereby destroyed.

The protected entity known as the Wully Bully exists. It shall strike the names of all players who did not vote YES on the proposal that created the Scroll d'Argent from the Scroll d'Argent.}}

Proposal 1228 - Thu Sep 12 11:50:58 EDT 1996
Kate's Birthday
ThinMan (John Bollinger)
Decision: Rejected

A new rule shall be created with the following text:
September 20th of each year shall be known in Ackanomic as Kate's Birthday. On Kate's Birthday of each year, any and all players who wish to give Kate a present may, once each, publicly announce their intent and pay A$10 to the Treasury. Kate must not be spoiled, so no player may give her more than one present per year in that way. Whenever a player gives Kate a present as described in this rule, he shall receive five points. Kate is an extranomic entity.

Proposal 1229 - Thu Sep 12 13:07:39 EDT 1996
The Flamingo Hotel
Habeous Corpus (Ed Graham)
Decision: Rejected

This Rule establishes a Hotel Named The Flamingo Hotel. It is a classy building.

The Flamingo Hotel is located on E Flamingo Rd, where it intersects Yellow Roosevelt Ave.

The Flamingo Hotel consists of two floors, each capable of accomodating an indeterminate number of people. The second floor comprises an infinite number of luxury suites, and 2 small economy rooms (each approximately the size of snowgod's semipermanent Gaol cell). The first is a casino / lounge combination delivering the best in live entertainment and the most honest games of chance in Ackanomia. {The floor show is temporarily closed while the hotel management searches for a new headliner act.}

The games of chance offerred byy the Flamingo Hotel include Craps, Chuck-a-Luck, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and of course Slots. {Currently the slot machines are down for maintenance.} {We are looking for a new croupier to start Craps. Our last one was fired for using loaded dice.} {The Chuck-a-Luck cages is still broken.} {Our Blackjack dealers are all out with the flu right now; but we hope they are back on their feet soon.} {Our Poker tables were badly smashed up in the last raid. They should be repaired soon, we hope.} {Will whoever stole our Roulette Ball please return it? We have guests who are starting to get annoyed. We may have to use the Gumball, as long as it's not on Wednsday or Thursday.}

Any Player staying in the Flamingo Hotel may partake of any or all the games of chance e chooses, as long as they are available. The Flamingo Hotel takes A$ cash, Points or PFBonds as wagers. We also accept Gadgets, awards, and tradeable entities as collateral for wagers. Payoff odds for individual games may be found at each gaming table. Players not staying at the Hotel are limited to one play of one game per day.

The rates for staying at the Flamingo Hotel are:
$50 per two plays of any game (or $50 per day for those not playing) for the luxury suites.
$5 per two plays of any game for the small economy rooms.

Players caught cheating may be evicted from the Flamingo Hotel and/or Barred For Life. This paragraph takes Precedence over Rule 1018.

[Text contained in "{}" above apply to games of chance and activities that do not yet exist. When, and if, such games do exist, the text and brackets for that particular game will automatically delete from the text of this Rule. If all such text is deleted from this Rule, this paragraph will be deleted from this Rule. This paragraph takes Precedence over all mutable Rules concerning self deleting text.]

{{The initial owner of the Flamingo Hotel is Habeous Corpus.}}

Proposal 1230 - Thu Sep 12 13:42:01 EDT 1996
Actually *reducing* the incentive to vote "No"
/dev/joe (Joseph DeVincentis)
Decision: Rejected

Amend rule 207, by changing "3 points." both times it occurs to:

"3 points, except for those players who have received 9 points or more from this rule for voting YES and/or NO on the previous 10 proposals (by number)."

Proposal 1231 - Thu Sep 12 14:04:15 EDT 1996
Power to the Parties
Wayne (Wayne Sheppard)
Decision: Rejected

All active members of Underworld and FUN shall have A$100 transfered from the Treasury to thier personal accounts every Thursday morning.

Proposal 1232 - Fri Sep 13 17:16:47 EDT 1996
Needlin' a Naystack
Guy Fawkes (Robert Shimmin)
Decision: Accepted

This is a Modest proposal.

Amend the 2nd and 3rd sentences of R431 to read:

"Absention from a vote or voting on a proposal which was retracted, deemed invalid, or otherwise removed from consideration does not count as making a series of votes nonconsecutive. In other words, no one can vote No for more than 7 proposals which were not retracted, deemed invalid, or otherwise removed from consideration before having to vote Yes for one."

{{[The way the current rule stands, it would be perfectly acceptable to vote no seven times, write a proposal, vote yes for it, retract it, eat the 2 point penalty and vote no another seven times. Just because the Tabulator isn't required to count the votes doesn't mean the vote doesn't count. Just because it was never accepted or rejected doesn't mean it's not a proposal.]}}

Proposal 1233 - Fri Sep 13 17:17:33 EDT 1996
Creation of a PartyChessPiece Qball
Guy Fawkes (Robert Shimmin)
Decision: Accepted

1. A Qball is represented by the ASCII character Q.
2. A Qball's material value is 7.
3. A Qball's move consist's of two parts.
a) The Qball moves in a diagonal direction in a single straight line until it reaches the edge of the board (any of the squares associated with either of the intergers 1 or 20 or either of the letters a or t). If it rests on such a square before moving, it must legally move to another such square to make this part of its move. The Qball may not capture or jump over any piece in making this part of its move.
b) The Qball moves in a diagonal direction at a right angle to the path of its travel in part a) in a single straight line, for at least one but no more than 10 squares, provided all the squares between its current square and the destination square are unocuupied. It may capture a non-friendly piece on the destination square.

The Qball must be able to make both parts of its move in order to make any move at all, except as described by c, below:

c) If the Qball, after making the move described a, above, is on a corner square (any of the squares a1, t20, a20, and t1), it "scratches," and the Qball is removed the board and joins its owner's collection of off-board pieces. A scratch does not change the ownership of the Qball.

Proposal 1234 - Fri Sep 13 17:17:57 EDT 1996
We thought them up, they should be rules.
Techno (Jerome Herrman)
Decision: Rejected

Upon passage of this rule, the following shall happen.

1. All proposals ever written and submitted by a current member of the Underworld Party and then voted against to the point of failure, shall automatically become a rule.

2. All proposals written and submitted by a current member of the Underworld Party, still in the voting queue, shall automatically pass and become rules.

3. All Players not currently members of the Underworld Party shall transfer 5 of their own PF bonds to each current member of the Underworld Party.

4. Techno shall be announced the winner of the current cycle.

Proposal 1235 - Fri Sep 13 17:18:23 EDT 1996
Stand and Destroy.
Techno (Jerome Herrman)
Decision: Rejected

Upon passage of this rule, each member of the UnderWorld Party, will select 1 current rule each, for automatic repeal.

This rule takes precedence over all mutable rules.

Proposal 1236 - Fri Sep 13 17:19:11 EDT 1996
Scam deterrance
Robin Hood (R Shaw)
Decision: Rejected

If within 60 days of any organisation becoming defunct, there should be formed a new organisation of the same type and there exists a group of players who not only were a majority of the members of the first mentioned organisation 1 nanosecond before it became defunct but are also members of the newly formed organisation then they shall be regarded as identical. The new organisation will be considered to have performed all the actions the first mentioned organisation had performed except for becoming defunct.

{{[This means that a party or other organisation can't disband then restart as a new party to any gain. I also want to cover the possibility of e.g four people repeatedly starting parties containing any three of them. Also, there need not be a last moment before the organisation becomes defunct which is why I specified 1 ns earlier as the membership is well defined then.]}}

Proposal 1237 - Fri Sep 13 17:20:01 EDT 1996
Fulfilling Campaign Promises
snowgod (Phil Ackley)
Made Harfy by Malenkai at Sun, 15 Sep 1996 21:10:30 -0400
Decision: Accepted

The Frobozz Magic Beverage Company, Ackanomic Division (an offshoot of the wildly succesful metal company), shall provide Ackanomic Beverages at no charge to any player at a Public Gathering. The Beverage Menu shall include a selection of Fine Ales, Wines, Spirits and of course non-alcoholic beverages for those so inclined. Mixed drinks shall also be available, but will not be listed on the menu.

A player may order up to 3 drinks at any one public gathering.

Since the Frobozz Magic Beverage Company is a for profit operation, they shall bill the President for "services rendered" after the completion of a Public Gathering. The president shall be required to pay A$2 for every alcoholic beverage consumed, withe the exception of mixed drinks, which shall be billed at the rate of A$3 apeice. Non Alchoholic beverages shall be billed at A$1 apiece.

The following events should be considered Public Gatherings:

Witch Burnings
1) Festivals
2) Parades
3) Ackanomic Holidays
4) The reading of a depressing and awfully-written 8-line poem written by the gaoler in accordance with R939
5) The appointment of a new Sage o' Doe Gas
6) The first hour of any legal singing of the Fat Lady
Other events may be considered public gatherings if the rules explicitly state that they are. This rule defers precedence to any rule which defines a public Gathering

Proposal 1238 - Fri Sep 13 17:21:20 EDT 1996
We don't need Gravity
snowgod (Phil Ackley)
Decision: Accepted

Ackanomic exists on the underside of the earth, which is, of course, flat. Ackanomic, and everything it contains, is held onto the earth with Suction Cups so that it doesn't fall off.

Communications with entities residing on the topside of the earth are made possible through a series of incredibly complex devices that even the inventor cannot begin to understand. These devices too, are attached to the earth with suction cups.

In the event that any item loses it's suction cups, which may only happen in accordance with the rules, it shall fall off of the earth and dangle from it's surface by the attached emergency tether.

Proposal 1239 - Fri Sep 13 17:21:52 EDT 1996
Conditional Text
Habeous Corpus (Ed Graham)
Decision: Rejected

This is a modest Proposal

Create a Rule titled: Conditional Text.

1) Text contained wholly within parentheses, (), shall be known as "parenthetic statements". Parenthetic statements may be nested , and may have some effect on the gamestate. Parenthetic statements are non-deleting except by an amending proposal or other conditions specified in Rules.

2) Text contained wholly within single curved brackets, {}, shall be known as conditional text. Initially conditional text shall be treated as a parenthetic statement.

3) Rules containing conditional text must contain a statement of conditions under which the conditional text is to be deleted. Upon the occurrence of the action specified in the conditions of the conditional text, all text within the brackets, and the brackets themselves, will be deleted. Statements of conditions may be contained in Notes, Self-Deleting Text, parenthetic statements, or plain text.

4) Conditional text may contain parenthetic statements or other elements of semantic content; these elements are considered part of the conditional text and will be deleted along with the rest of the text.

{{After the comments made by /dev/joe, I felt that codifying a way to contain conditional text would be wise.}}

Proposal 1240 - Sat Sep 14 01:00:11 EDT 1996
The Machine That Goes *ping* (revisited)
Guy Fawkes (Robert Shimmin)
Made Harfy by Malenkai at Sun, 15 Sep 1996 21:10:30 -0400
Decision: Accepted

Create a new rule reading:

I. There exists the Ackanomic entity called The Machine That Goes *ping*, henceforth known as the Machine. {{All Machines other than the one created by this rule are hereby destroyed. This rule creates exactly one Machine.}} Should a Machine ever be created by means other than this rule, it instantly ceases to exist. The Machine is protected.

The Machine is a product of advanced technology, covered in buttons, lights, and switches. It may be from the same culture that produced Phoebe, and so it is of great importance that The Machine That Goes *ping* be studied by all of Acka.

II. The Machine That Goes *ping* may exist in the Home of any active player, but nowhere else. Its location may change only as specified in this rule. {{When this rule passes, the Machine shall exist in Xanadu.}}

The player in whose home the Machine resides has the duty of assisting Acka in its study of the Machine and is given the title "Scholar of *ping*" (hereafter, Scholar) for as long as the Machine shares his abode. For the purposes of this rule, "the current Scholar's term" refers to the period of time since the Machine last changed locations. It specifically does not refer to any periods of time before the Machine's most recent change in location during which the current Scholar was also Scholar.

III. Within seven days of a player receiving this title, the Machine shall manifest in the Scholar's dreams and utter one truth. This truth shall take the form, "IF AND ONLY IF today {if clause}, THEN the Machine That Goes *ping* shall go *ping*." It must be a truth the Machine has never uttered before.

In the Machine's truth, {if clause} will be replaced by no more than twelve words. Each of these words must be in the official dictionary or exist in the Rules. {if clause} shall not contain anything that is not a word, except punctuation properly used by the rules of standard English. The truth must be such that the Machine shall not fail to go *ping* for any seven consecutive calendar days during the current Scholar's term.

Upon waking from this dream, the Scholar must announce the Machine's truth in a public message to all Acka, but disguise each letter of each word in the {if clause}, but not space characters, with *'s in order to preserve the sacred truth from the eyes of heretics. E.g., the truth "IF AND ONLY IF today is Wednesday or Thursday, THEN the Machine That Goes *ping* shall go *ping*," must be announced, "IF AND ONLY IF today ** ********* ** ********, THEN the Machine That Goes *ping* shall go *ping*." Punctuation shall be placed in its proper place in an undisguised fashion. If the Scholar does not announce the Machine's truth in this fashion within seven days of receiving his title, he is deemed to be a quack and the Machine randomly teleports itself to another active player's Home.

IV. It is strictly against this rule for the Scholar to use any means whatsoever, other than those described in this rule, to communicate any information regarding the Truth to any player, so long as the Truth remains unknown to all players but him.

V. Beginning on the calendar day after the Scholar announces the Machine's truth, the Machine shall go *ping* exactly once on any calendar day the statement described by "today {if clause}" is at any time true. The Machine shall not otherwise go *ping*. It is the duty of the Scholar to inform the rest of Acka of this occurrence. He must do so by posting a public message with the form, "Today is Someday, the xth day of Month, in the Year of Our Lord YYYY, and the Machine That Goes *ping* Has Gone *ping* today. Since I have been scholar, the Machine has gone *ping* n times." In the actual message, Someday will replaced by the actual day of the week, xth will be replaced by the ordinal number of that day of the month, Month will be replaced by the name of the current month, YYYY will be replaced by the digits of the current year, and n will be the number of times which the Machine has gone *ping* during the current Scholar's term.

The scholar may and must make this announcement if and only if the Machine has gone *ping* that day, and he must post exactly one announcement per *ping* during the day in which that *ping* occurred. The time zone used for the purposes of this rule is that from which the announcement was sent, unless Acka should ever have an official time zone, in which case this rule defers to that of the official time zone.

VI. If any player other than the Scholar believes he knows the Machine's truth, he shall announce what he believes its undisguised form to be in a public message. If he is correct, the Scholar shall congratulate him, and the Machine shall produce one Gadget from a Blueprint randomly selected from the set of Blueprints which both existed at the beginning of the current Scholar's term and currently exist; this Gadget shall be awarded to the player who correctly guessed the Machine's truth. The Machine shall then transport itself to that player's Home.

If he guesses incorrectly, the Scholar shall ridicule him in a public message, immune from the Politness Moon in doing so. This takes precedence over Rule 400. The ridiculed player must pay a fine of 5 A$ to the treasury for mocking the sacred truth, and he may not again guess the Machine's truth while the current Scholar's term lasts. The Scholar must either congratulate or ridicule the player who guessed within three days of the guess being posted. In the time after the guess is made, but before the Scholar either responds or loses his title for not responding, no one may post another guess at the Machine's truth.

VII. If the Machine has gone *ping* at least six times since a Magic Letter was named, and at least six times during the current Scholar's term, any active player other than the Scholar may name any letter of the alphabet not already named as the Magic Letter during the current scholar's term to be the Magic Letter by so posting to the public forum. Each time a Magic Letter may be name, the Scholar shall consider for that purpose only the first post he receives naming a Magic Letter. The Scholar must respond within three days by naming the player whose post was considered, and by publically reposting the Machine's truth in its disguised form, except that any * representing the Magic Letter or any letter previously named the Magic Letter during the current Scholar's term shall be replaced with the actual letter or letters represented. The player whose post was considered then forfeits 10 A$ to the Treasury.

VIII. If the Machine has gone *ping* thirty times during the current Scholar's term, the Scholar must, within three days of the 30th *ping*, publically post the Machine's truth in its undisguised form.

When the Scholar posts the undisguised truth, any active player may, within the next three days, submit a CFCJ that the Scholar violated the rules of his duties during the current Scholar's term. If no player does so in that time, or if the returned verdict is FALSE, the Scholar receives 50 A$ for his services, and the Machine randomly teleports itself to another active player's Home.

IX. If the Scholar is placed in Gaol or goes on vacation, the Machine randomly teleports itself to another active player's Home.

Should a CFCJ ever find that the current Scholar has violated any part of this rule during the current Scholar's term, the Machine immediately randomly teleports itself to another active player's Home.

If the Scholar loses his title for any reason other than going on vacation, he must post the truth most recently revealed to him in its undisguised form within three days of the loss of his title, unless he has already done so. If he loses his title by going on vacation, he must post the undisguised form of the truth most recently revealed to him within three days of returning from vacation.

Whenever the Machine changes locations, it shall cease to go *ping*, and it shall not resume this function until a new truth is announced. During the time after the Machine changes locations but before a new truth is announced, no one may post a guess at the Machine's truth or name the Magic Letter.

Whenever the Machine randomly teleports itself, it is the duty of the Assistant Tabulator to report its new location. If no such office exists, this duty falls to the Tabulator. If neither office exists, this duty falls to the Speaker.

Proposal 1241 - Sat Sep 14 12:51:46 EDT 1996
Modestely ammending what needs mending
Niccolo Flychuck (Uri Bruck)
Decision: Accepted

{{[ It has the same effects as P1177 and P1190 combined, and is Modest. So all those players who concerned that I might get any points, can stop worrying now.]}}

This is a Modest proposal.

A proposal that has the following effect:

I. Append the following text to R990 section 3 A v. :
"For the purpose of this rule, a lower case Latin letter is considered identical to its corresponding upper case Latin letter."

II. Append the following text to R990 section A:
"Playing PartyChess is part of a Swinger's duty."

III.Append the following text to R726
"When any Swinger except for the NAP Swinger goes on Vacation, it is the duty of the Swinger's Party to appoint another member of the Party as acting Swinger. When the NAP Swinger goes on Vacation it is the duty of the Speaker to appoint a non-aligned player to be acting Swinger. If the Speaker is non-aligned, and no other player appointed the role of acting Swinger, then the Speaker is the acting Swinger. If the Speaker is a Party member, and no player has been assigned the role of acting NAP Swinger, and there is at least one volunteer from among the non-aligned players for that position, then the Speaker must appoint one of the volunteers as acting NAP Swinger. If a Swinger's Office remains vacant for more than 6 days then the Chess-Umpire declares the Office to be a Warm Office, until such time as it is no longer vacant. If all the members of a Party are on Vacation then no acting Swinger is appointed for that Party and eir Office remains Vacant. If all non-aligned players are on Vacation then no acting NAP-Swinger is appointed and eir Office remains vacant.

This rule takes precedence over R457."

IV.Append to R991 section 2 H the following text:
"with the following exceptions:
(i) With the exception that if a Swinger goes on Vacation during eir turn, then eir turn is extended by two additional days. There may be no more than two such extensions per turn, and no more than 4 such extensions for any given six consecutive rounds.
(a)If a Swinger's office is Warm, then their turn is skipped entirely and considered to be a Pass. If a a Swinger's Office is Warm for two whole Rounds, then he is considered to have Surrendered.
(b)If a Swinger Office's King is checked while it is Warm, then that Swinger's turn is not skipped. The Chess-Umpire must notify all members of the Party whose King has been checked, of the check situations, including members who are on Vacation. In the case of a Special D-turn, if four days after the Chess-Umpire's message the Swinger's Office is still Warm, then he is considered to have surrendred. In the case of a Special DD-turn, if the chekced Swinger's Office is still Warm the second time a conflict is declared, then he is considered to have surrendered, however, he is still counted for the purpose of determining the number of repetitions of the procedure described in R991 section D (iv) (b)-(d).

It is permissible for a Party with a Warm Office to notify the Chess-Umpire of a Surrender at any time by sending a public message to that effect. The Surrender becomes effectively immediately. This section of this rule takes precedence over all other sections of this rule."

Proposal 1242 - Sat Sep 14 14:35:35 EDT 1996
Amending the rules about scoring for amendments to the scoring rules
/dev/joe (Joseph DeVincentis)
Decision: retracted by author

This is a modest proposal.

1. Amend rule 793, by deleting the following sentence wherever it appears:

"If a proposal adds, changes, or repeals rules that generate effects (including but not limited to score changes) based on the way players vote, then the additions, changes, or repeals in that proposal shall not apply to that proposal."

2. Amend Rule 1089.2, by deleting the following sentence wherever it appears:

"This rule defers precedence to R 793 where there is a conflict."

{{[ Rule 1089.2 section 5 is a better version of the text I'm deleting from rule 793 -- it just turns off the scoring rules being amended for the proposal that amends them, if the proposal passes. This just narrowly failed before, so I'm trying it as a modest proposal.]}}

Proposal 1243 - Sun Sep 15 01:22:31 EDT 1996
Change of Hunting Season from Gnomes to Geese
Malenkai (Randy Hall)
Decision: Accepted

{{[This proposal missed by one vote last time. I don't give up that easily. At the very least, the effects of these rule changes shall be to reduce bandwidth usage, in serval ways. I also plan to propose an amendment that gives the Goose to any criminal who checks into the Cow Town Hotel (as that rule is too weak now), and have something else in the queue that will have it flying around. But don't let those things sink this proposal, they are seperate amendments.

This rule also gives incentive for score improvement.

BTW, I rewrote the R 219 part to define the term "Paradox Win CFJ", and to codify CFJ 280, so vote for it for that part :)]}}


Repeal R 355, "The Voting Gnome"


Create a new rule entitiled "Chartreuse Goose", reading:

Let the Chartreuese Goose exist, it is a unique entity. Initially it is Somewhere Else. It may only be possessed by one player at a time.

A player who possesses the Chartreuse Goose may not win the cycle or game. This clause takes precedence over R 219, R 422, and any other mutable rule which establishes winning conditions.

The Chartreuse Goose (hereafter called "Goose") is transferred as specified below. Other rules may specify other ways for it to be transferred.

Conditions upon which the Goose is transferred:

1) Upon a verdict of FALSE on a Paradox Win CFJ, the initiator of the CFJ receives the Goose from wherever it is.

2) Upon a verdict on a Paradox Win CFJ being overturned to TRUE, the Goose goes Somewhere Else, if and only if the player possessing it was the initiator of the CFJ in question. If this judgement is not overruled, then the player who called for judgement is declared the winner of the cycle; the win occurring at the time it becomes illegal to appeal the CFJ under the current rules.

All of the following actions must be announced publically if they are performed, and the time of such post establishes the time when these actions occur:

3) A player who has possessed the Goose for at least 7 days may pay A$200 to the Treasury and cause it to go Somewhere Else.

4) A player who has possessed the Goose for at least 30 days may pay A$75 to the Treasury and transfer the Goose to the single active player with the lowest score. The player receiving the Goose receives A$75 from the Treasury. This option is not available if more than one active player has the lowest score. The receiving player may not decline the transfer.

5) A player who possesses the Goose may pay A$350 to the Treasury and transfer it to any other active player of their choice. The receiving player may not decline the transfer.

6) A player possessing a Chartreuse Goose Egg may take the Goose off the hands of any player who possesses it, provided the Goose owner agrees to the transaction, and pays a mutually agreed upon amount of currency (of at least A$50) to the Treasury. The Egg owner will receive from the Treasury the same amount that the Goose owner payed in, as compensation.


Amend R 219 to read in full:

If the rules are changed so that further play is impossible, or if the legality of some action cannot be determined with finality, or if some action appears equally legal and illegal, then a player may call for judgement on a statement to that effect.

Such a call for judgement must contain in its reasoning a statement to the effect that the initiator is claiming a win in accordance with R 219, on a verdict of True. Such a CFJ is called a "Paradox Win CFJ". No CFJ may be called a Paradox Win CFJ, except as designated by the Rules.

If the statement is judged True, and the judgement is not overruled, then the player who called for judgement is declared the winner of the cycle; the win occurring at the time it becomes illegal to appeal the CFJ under the current rules.

Proposal 1244 - Tue Sep 17 09:56:27 EDT 1996
Fixing the incentive to vote NO
Wayne (Wayne Sheppard)
Decision: Rejected

Rule 207 shall be ammended by adding the following sentence:

2 points shall be scored for each player who votes PRESENT on a proposal.

{{[Now people who want to vote to affect thier score can do so without affecting the voting results]}}

Proposal 1245 - Tue Sep 17 12:38:23 EDT 1996
Surfing with Pseudo-Rules
Malenkai (Randy Hall)
Decision: Rejected

Amend R 594 to append the following as a new section, after section (iii):

(iv) If the specificaion or behaviour, attributes, etc, specified by 2 Blueprints is in conflict, the Blueprint which was created first has precedence. If the Blueprints were created at the same time, the one which would appear first in an alphabetic list (using ASCII) of their titles would hold precedence. If this still does not resolve the conflict, or the precedence cannot be determined with finality for any reason, both Blueprints, and all gadgets made from each, are destroyed, in a large yellow, pungent, cloud of dust, which remains in the Inventor's home for 3 days.

Proposal 1246 - Tue Sep 17 12:38:46 EDT 1996
No Business Like Gnome Business
Guy Fawkes (Robert Shimmin)
Decision: Rejected

Do the following, in the order they appear:

Repeal Rule 355


Create a new rule reading:

I propose to create a nomic entity known as the Voting Gnome. The Voting Gnome will serve one function, and that is to cast one vote on any proposal. Because of several near-death experiences and extended times of not knowing who his buddy really is, the Voting Gnome has become an extreme manic-depressive.

The Gnome is just as likely to vote YES as he is to vote NO, and there is no way to predict his mood. At the end of a proposal's voting period, the Tabulator shall randomly determine whether the Gnome will vote YES or NO, and the Gnome shall vote as randomly determined.

{{This rule is hereby renumbered to Rule 355}}

Proposal 1247 - Tue Sep 17 12:38:49 EDT 1996
No more Paradox Wins.
Techno (Jerome Herrman)
Decision: Rejected

Repeal rule 219/0

Proposal 1248 - Tue Sep 17 12:38:51 EDT 1996
Modesty and Pride
Malenkai (Randy Hall)
Decision: Rejected

Amend R 207 to add the following quoted text at the end of the 3rd paragraph:

"Exception: No points are awarded for voting NO on a proposal considered to be Modest."


Amend R 1109 as follows:

1) Change its title to "Modesty and Pride"

2) Add the following paragraphs after the second paragraph:

{{All extant Grandiose Proposals, or those considered to be Grandiose, are hereby stripped of their Grandiose designation.}}

A proposal is considered to be Grandiose if and only if the author of the proposal prefaces the proposal with the words "This is a Grandiose proposal".

Whenever a Grandiose Proposal is adopted, the author shall receive an additional 6 point bonus above and beyond any other points received for that proposal. This is considered a scoring change based on the content of the proposal.

If a proposal appears to be designated as both Modest and Grandiose, or it cannot be determined which designation should hold sway, the proposal is declared invalid, and removed from voting consideration.

Proposal 1249 - Wed Sep 18 10:51:04 EDT 1996
Patent Infringement
mr cwm (Eric Murray)
Decision: retracted by author

The following actions shall be taken:


A new Rule shall be created with the title "Patent Infringement" and the following text:

If there is a type of Ackanomic Entity whose creation or existance is specified by a Rule or Rules, and yet a Player possesses an Entity of that type whose creation or existance was made possible solely by the Rule "Permissibility of the Unprohibited," that Player shall be Guilty of Patent Infringement, unless that Entity is any type of Frog.

When a Player is Guilty of Patent Infringement they shall:

1) deliver the item described in the preceeding paragraph to the Gaoloer, to be placed in the Gaol's Evidence Room.
2) obtain a Prosthetic Forehead in accordance with the Rules, and present it to the Inventor, as a symbolic apology to the intellectual community.
3) be said to be Guilty of Patent Infringement until an Appeal For Pardon is GRANTed them by the President.


R711 (Appeal for Pardon) shall be amended in the following ways:

Clause 2 shall read: The player has had a verdict of TRUE reached against them within the past 3 days on a CFCJ, OR the player is in the Gaol, OR the player is Guilty of Patent Infringement.

The final paragraph shall read: If the AFP is GRANTed, the penalty from the most recent CFCJ against the player is waived, and/or the player is immediately released from the Gaol, if they are in the Gaol, or the player will no longer be said to be Guilty of Patent Infringement.


R709 (Gaol) shall be amended by inserting the following paragraph between the the current first and second paragraphs:

The Gaol has an Evidence Room that is a Location unlimited in capacity. The Gaoler shall place items in the Evidence Room as directed by the Rules. Items in the Evidence Room belong to no Player. Items in the Evidence Room may not be manipulated in any way except as explicitly permitted by the Rules. This paragraph takes precedence over R665 (Treasury and Hard Money) insofar as it is necessary to prevent the unowned items from being placed in the Treasury.

Proposal 1250 - Wed Sep 18 10:51:45 EDT 1996
Enlightement is the Dead Gnome of Heresy
mr cwm (Eric Murray)
Decision: Rejected

{{This is a modest proposal.

R729 shall be amended to remove its final paragraph.}}