Official Charter of the Popular Stability Party - Sun Mar 31 6:00pm CST 1996

Founding Members: CarsesraC (Jeroen M.W. van Dijk),
                  What A Guy (Ben Schaffer),
                  Pechemo (Aaron Jeffrey Gage).

It is hereby decreed that the POPULAR STABILITY PARTY will undertake the following goals:

1. To work within the system to simplify the rules of Ackanomic, especially as they relate to public office. We believe that less is more! With a more streamlined manifestaton of Ackanomic, more will be able to play and enjoy.

2. A grass-roots opposition to the "Ackanomic elite" which is running this game. We reject the status quo, where power is concentrated in the hands of the self-styled "best and brightest." We mean to return real Ackanomic power to its rightful owners, the Players!

3. POPULAR STABILITY will align itself with the will of the people. For this reason, we will encourage party unity voting -- we cannot win a victory for you without your support!

4. To elect our party members into a cross-section of Ackanomic offices, in order to assure a change in the climate of this game. The more members we have, the more officials we will elect -- and you could be one! Join us for the fast track into office!

To join the POPULAR STABILITY PARTY or for more information, contact What A Guy at