Official Charter of the OoMPAPaH Party - Mon Apr 8 3:00am CST 1996

Founding Members: fon (Adrian Smith),
                  pascal (Jason Reed),
                  Device (Dave Mackenzie),
                  Merlin the Happy Pig (Stephen Wilson).

This be the declaration made the 7th day of April, the 1st year of the existence of AckaNomic, by the undersigned free citizens of Ackanomic: That, having full power and authority under rule 351/1 of the laws and ordinances of AckaNomic, we declare the Organisation of Monarchist People Approving Hereditary Peerage and Honours, hereafter referred to as OoMPAPaH, to be in full existence as a political party.

All citizens of AckaNomic shall be eligible for membership in OomPAPaH, and can do so by emailing Merlin The Happy Pig, at

The goals and ideals of OoMPAHPaH are based upon the following principles:

I. Monarchy. Rule by divine right of kings.

II. Aristocracy. Power in the hands of an elite.

III. Empire. Expansion of AckaNomic realms and territories.

IV. Feudalism. And all that it entails.

V. Chivalry. A full code of honour.

VI. Parliament. A sop thrown to the burgesses and freemen.

VII. An end to the rule of the uncouth First Republic.

VIII. To be sillier than Foozball.