Official Charter of the (None Yet) Party - Fri Apr 19 1:30am CDT 1996

Founding Members: Mohammed (Jason Orendorff),
                  snowgod (Phil Ackley),
                  this is not a name (Mike Epstein),
                  mr cwm (Eric Murray).

1) By this Charter (None Yet) is hereby declared to exist.

2) Name: (None Yet)

3) Any Player with in interest in supporting self-referential rules may inquire with a current member for information on joining (None Yet).

4) (None Yet) shall generally support Rules that refer to themselves, or that are themselves examples what they regulate. It shall take no position based on any other content of a Rule.

5) In the event that revisions to this Charter are permissible, no Clause shall ever restrict the nature of future revisions.

6) This Charter shall not be in effect whenever this Clause is not in effect.