Dogma of The Church of the Markovian Dream

The Prophet, once again in search of the Earth's edge, discovered something. He did not find the edge, but did find another Golden Frog. Upon smiling at the Frog, it spoke thusly:

"Diversity, creativity, free-thinking, and openness are boons to Ackanomia and those qualities have wisely been sought and protected by the Church. The Church also did well in fighting intolerance, elitism, de-humanization, and anal strict-constructionalism. Acka has avoided its first dark age in a long era of civil unrest. Never forget!

Now is the time to move on and face the next Crusade. The players of Ackanomic, most favored children of the Universe, have mastered the first understandings of Rule and Interpretation, foundation of this whole Universe. Everywhere, one hears the joyful ceremonies of games and recreations, punctuated by polite disagreements 'tis true, all mixed as metaconcept and offered on an altar of Fun.

While leisure consumes more time, work goes undone and beautiful Ackanomic is held between two hands that could crush it into paralysis: the Inner Hand and the Outer Hand. Both keep Ackanomic together, were once required, yet now keep it back from further growth into its Third Age.

The Rules of Ackanomic have become a lengthy and discordant set. Where once there was a unified wind breathing life and enthusiasm on all it touched, now is a dying breeze and the fires it kindled go the same way. Broken up, without harmony, each rule burns on its own, diminishing the whole. This is the Inner Hand.

Ackanomic has out grown its cradle and taken uneasy steps beyond. It has moved into a consciousness beyond itself, and thus ensured complexity ever increasing. Understanding the Universe behind the open doors is beyond any one player. This is a frightening time when all must decide whether to close the doors into isolationism, or punch yet larger holes in the walls separating it and the wide Universe. This is the Outer Hand."

The Golden Frog thus offered help: "Prophet, this is today's duality. Put this knowledge to good use and keep in mind the following:

Against the Inner Hand, Ackanomic requires players willing to put aside their goals in an effort to consolidate and organize the rule set, to give it consistency and nurture it into a rich garden. This is not a task, but the labor of each day. Against the Outer Hand, the great new frontier, Ackanomic requires colonists and explorers, warriors and adventurers, players and leaders. Beware those that lurk in the darkness of the Universe."

Thus Spoke the Golden Frog.