Limerick Contest

  Niccolo Flychuck

     Limerick Contest
     1) Equipment: None
     2) Number of Players:
     Exactly 2, with the GamesMaster as a referee. It is permissable for
     the GamesMaster to be both a player and the referee at the same time.
     3) Starting an instance of the contest
     The Limerick Contest is started as directed by the Ackanomic rules,
     in which case the GamesMaster is the referee, or when a sufficient
     number of players and referees agree to start and participate in it.
     4) Rules of the contest:
     Each of the players in the contest writes a limerick about the other
     player. The limerick may be silly, funny, and even ridicule the other
     participant in a good-humored manner, as long as it is not offensive.
     The limericks must be posted within 5 days of the start of the
     contest. If one of the participants fails to post a limerick, then
     the other wins by default. If neither post, the referee chooses a
     winner at random.
     Once both limericks have been posted, there is a 3 day voting period.
     During the voting period all Ackanomic players may send their vote to
     the referee, indicating which limerick is the better
 one, with an extra caveat, quoth here.
The Poet Laureate (if there is one)
Shall, with his learned art gained quite so dear,
Attempt to share and increase the fun
When the Poet's vote is count'd at the end,
His one vote shall instead be counted twice.
The Poet may, if e does wish, then send
A public message, hopefully quite nice
To praise the Duelist which had won his vote
Explaining why the Poet liked what e wrote.
     participant whose limerick got the most votes, wins the contest. In
     case of a tie, the participant whose limerick was posted first wins
     the contest. In the case that that does not determine a winner, the
     referee determines a winner at random.
     If the winner is chosen at random, both players shall be eligible,
     even if one or both are non-active.