Double Crash

Guy Fawkes

Double Crash 

I. Equipment: none 

II. Players
minimum: 2; maximum 2 

III. Starting an instance of Double Crash
To start an instance of Double Crash, the two participants should notify
the GamesMaster of their intent to play Double Crash. The game begins when
the GamesMaster posts a public message stating that the game is beginning. 

IV. Rules of the Games
Throughout these rules, an N-round Salvo is a public post taking the form
of a numbered list of N five-letter words. The numbering convention and
format should be: 

        1) [five-letter word]
        2) [another one]
        ...  and so on, up to  ...  
        N) [the last one]

A Reply to a Salvo is a reposting of the Salvo being replied to, with the
addition of a number from 1-5 to the right of each five-letter word. This
number is the number of "crashes" as defined below, of that word with the
Replying player's Target Word. The format should be 

        1) [five-letter word]  2 [actual number will vary]
        2) [another one]       3
        ... and so on, up to ...
        N) [the last one]      1

Two words crash once for each letter that occupies the same position in
each word. (ie, if they have the same first letter, they crash once; if
they have the same third letter, they crash again. HEART crashes once with
SPADE (for the A). STAFF crahses three times with CHAFF. SWORD does not
crash with WORDY. A five-letter word crashes five times with itself.) 

The game consists of several rounds, each of which lasts three days or
until all actions required of players in that round, whichever comes
first. If ever a player fails to complete all required actions before the
end of a round, his opponent wins. If both players so fail, and the game
is being held as a Duel, the challenged player wins. If both players so
fail, and the game is not being played as a Duel, neither player wins, and
the game is over. Each round begins immediately upon the end of the
previous one. 

Round 1) Each player selects a five-letter word from the Official
Dictionary. This is his Target Word, and should be kept secret. Also, each
player posts a 6-round Salvo.
Round 2) Each player Replies to the other's 6-round Salvo.
Round 3) Each player posts a 5-round Salvo.
Round 4) Each player Replies to the other's 5-round Salvo.
Round 5) Each player posts a 4-round Salvo.
Round 6) Each player Replies to the other's 4-round Salvo.
Round 7) Each player posts a 3-round Salvo.
Round 8) Each player Replies to the other's 3-round Salvo. 

Hereafter, each odd-numbered round consists of each player posting a
3-round Salvo; each even-numbered round consists of each player Replying
to the Salvo the other posted the previous round. 

If a player improperly reports the number of crashes any word in any Salvo
has with his Target Word, or if a player selects as his Target Word a word
other than a five-letter word from the Official Dictionary, his opponent
wins as soon as the error is discovered. 

The rounds continue until upon the end of a round of Replies, one or both
Replies indicates that some word in the previous Salvo crashed five times
with the Replying players Target Word. If only one-player posted a Salvo
which included a five-crash word, that player is the tentative winner. If
both players posted such a Salvo, the player who posted a five-crash word
higher in the Salvo's list is the tentative winner, if such a player can
be uniquely defined. (ie, a five-crash word at the #1 slot in a Salvo
beats one at #2.) If the two five-crash words occupy the same position in
their respective Salvos, the player who posted their Salvo first is the
tentative winner. 

Once a tentative winner is found, the two players shall reveal their
respective Target Words. The players may then examine each others' plays
for errors. If no actual errors are found within three days, the tentative
winner wins the game. 

Upon a player winning the game, it ends. If the game was not being played
as a Duel, the winner receives A$25 from the Treasury.