101 - The Ackanomic Magic Dice (AMD)

 Habeous Corpus 

The Ackanomic Magic Dice will roll 1 to 1000 multi-sided die up to 1000
rolls per request.  Sides may be from 2-1000 sides.

The AMD will display results automatically to the mail list,  or to as
amny as ten private addresses.
To use the AMD,  a Player sends an e-mai message to "dice@pbm.com"
omitting the quotation marks.  In the body of the message,  use the
following format:

#P   [up to 10 #P lines allowed]
#S   [up to 1000 sides allowed]
#D   [up to 1000 dice allowed]
#R   [up to 1000 total rolls]
#L   [up to 20 rolls per line]  
#C   [up to 100 #C lines allowed]

Complete instructions and examples of use may be found at the Dice Server
Web site:   http://www.pbm.com/dice/