Dogma of The Church of Azpiazu

I have been transformed by a vision which came to me.

I had a dream wherein I was working on the Monster Azpiazu. I spent a week labouring on this creation, and yet when I was done, what did I have? It was defined in only the vaguest of terms--"All sentences that follow this one are, or describe, attributes of Azpiazu, and they conflict with this one." And yet, what self-referential and almost self-contradictory traits are combined therein!

I completed the construction of Azpiazu. However, unlike in real life, Azpiazu did not vanish into oblivion upon the very moment of its creation, a malformed, vulnerable creature which could not withstand the transition from the womb of the Blueprint to full Gadgethood, destroyed by the Rules. No, in my dream Azpiazu transcended the Rules themselves, to a realm outside of all Nomics. I gazed upon its untrammeled formlessness, an Entity no more, but now something other! Its shape changed from second to second, a creature of pure chaos.

It said unto me three things. "All Hell shall break loose," it said, "and Chaos will reign until a day which shall be revealed to you. Mark well this day." Hearken, but shortly thereafter, in Proposal 2103, the words of Azpiazu were fulfilled.

It also said unto me, "This Chaos shall take many forms. It shall exist outside the realm of Ackanomic as well as within, though within its form shall be proclaimed but disguised, its tendrils seeking everywhere. It is a force at war with Harf, and yet inextricable from it." I began to see the truth of these words with the recent uncertainty in my personal situation outside of Ackanomic.

Finally, it said unto me, "When Chaos takes a perceptible form, and reigns truly, in a high Office of the land, then these three signs will have been fulfilled. You will spend some time serving another Dream, but you must then leave that Dream behind and follow this one, and spread my teachings throughout the land of Ackanomic."

It was then that I awoke, and my mind was filled with the clarity it has after dreams, but many details were forgot over the days to come, only to be brought to mind in deja vu in recent days. Only now have I put all the pieces together, and realized what Azpiazu was trying to say to me.

So I must leave the Church of the Markovian Dream, and apologize to the Founder of that Church, who was kind enough to grant me admittance. I knew not whereof I was searching, but now my path is clear. I must found the Church of Azpiazu.

Share with me the wisdom of Azpiazu! Meditate upon His Holy Blueprint, whose text may never be used to produce another like him, but which we shall preserve against the passage of time. Come and follow the Church of Azpiazu! Follow our Creed: "Be inconsistent, but don't do it all the time."