Volume 1, Issue 9

February 7, 1998

In this issue:

1. Editorial

2. Poll Question #2

3. More Ackanomic News

4. Special Report: The Party Chess Free For All

5. Sub-Game Sandwich

6. Advertisement



Through thread splits, through fire, through Tornado, through Locusts, Acka survives and continues to thrive. New players and old players joined us this week, with Guy Fawkes returning from the dead to cheer us all, while Illusion entered the realm from where we know not. May their stays in Acka be pleasant and full of harf.

As is usual, the game is currently in a technical thread split. Malenkai claims to have won the game, but currently few people are harfing the game that way. The issue has gone to the Supreme Court without an initial TRUE/FALSE verdict being delivered, with the original judge Hoover 2300 remaining on the fence. At least, rumours had it that what he said meant he was remaining on the fence - this particular editor wasn't sure.

Have another good Ackan week - hopefully I'll see you again next Saturday.


Poll Question

This is what I said last week:

"Yes, The Infrequent Ackan is now running the "Archive of Unofficial Polls". The first question this week is: What, if anything, do you think should be done to change the current system of judgements, appeals and Supreme Court decisions?

To vote, please reply direct to the editor of the paper at dcr24@cam.ac.uk. One entry from those received will be chosen at random to receive a handsome Trinket as a prize. (Guaranteed market value A$5)."

Well, I've decided to run that competition again - seeing as there were NO entries. This time, to make sure that I don't miss any entries (should there be any), I'll ask you to address your email to me marked (Acka: Poll). Please enter: it costs you only a little of your time, and it could certainly help clear up Ackan perceptions over what is the true way forward.


More Ackanomic News

The Supreme Court ruling on CFJ 526 saw the Cycle definitely end last week. Slakko was reported as saying "Lettuce for everyone!", obviously delighted by the verdict. Ackans young and old were happy to see the annoying misspelling messages end, and congratulated Slakko for stopping the trend. He is reported to be considering a sharp increase in spelling correctness following his win.

The Ackanomic duels are almost at an end. /dev/joe appears to have a stranglehold on the Viruses duel, seeing Slakko blanked in Gamepoint terms. Slakko appeared to be mounting a challenge, but this may well have been too little too late.


Special Report: The Party Chess Free For All

Today saw the end of the first ever Party Chess Free For All. But before it had even ended, questions were being asked about its continued existence. Swinger Alfvaen was quoted as saying that it put "far too much pressure" on some Swingers, who were unwilling to commit the necessary time to mastering the board for two weeks. In other quarters, calls were made to restrict some moves in the Free For All, to restore the balance that some feared it was lacking.

Before we get into these matters, a quick precis of the action during the Free For All. In these two weeks, we saw a total of 20 plays made. This compares to approximately 10 plays per fortnight over the previous couple of months, a 100% increase in game speed. Of these plays, 9 were placements, 9 moves and only 2 were captures. This shows that the Free For All has produced a much more complicated board than it started out with. Such complications will no doubt increase the strategic offerings available.

The spread of Swingers making the moves was also informative. Both Slakko and The Gingham Wearer slotted in 5 moves, Slakko's theoretical maximum being reached while The Gingham Wearer just missed out on sneaking in a record-setting sixth move. The remainder of the moves were split Goldenmean 4, /dev/joe 3, Niccolo Flychuck 2 and Alfvaen 1, while Red Barn did not make any move for the whole fortnight, and is now in double Check.

The Free For All was an interesting experience, with a total of 6 checks created, a much denser collection of checking moves than any other segment in Chess history. With some minor amendments, it is hoped that the Free For All concept will continue into the future, so that the Chess-Umpire can inject some life into the game whenever things appear to be becoming dull again. 


Sub Game Sandwich

A delectable collection of subgame treats to delight the gourmand.


Round 10 of Viruses is complete, and The Gingham Wearer's lead continues to stretch. Will the other players band together to reduce his count, or will altruism be damned as individuals compete to grow sufficiently fast to overtake? Can a combined assault on TGW succeed, or will it falter as the other players' viruses enter unsafe configurations? Only time will tell, so stay tuned. The number of players is down, but the strategy is hotting up, with multiple players into double digit virus counts.

Fictionary's first cycle continues, with the game currently in a definition submission half-round. The correct definition of fulguration was guessed twice, but the bonus voting to Alfvaen has only extended his lead at the head of the game. His mastery of language appears to be unstoppable - but is it? Stay tuned to acka-games for more.


rufus's mediocre performance continues his success in Mediocrity. Without a point so far, he is currently in the mediocre Gamepoint place. Can someone force him out? Will rufus ever win a round? Your questions will be answered by Rex Mundi - Mediocrity Referee. Just wait for the next instalment in our Mediocre saga.


Ye Olde Rusty Lantern has made a welcome comeback, with Game 2 starting up this week. The story this time appears to be a little less medieval and a lot more western, with a cowboy as our current focus. The ice-cold Malenkai has interrupted the tale, and the Barkeep is waiting for news of the next segment. Pull up a bench (if there is ever an empty one) and join in the tale. Fun for the whole family!

Grab a Donkey

The grand-daddy of them all is back. Grab-a-Donkey, the subgame for all, has made a re-appearance with Fortunato in the Wrangler's gear. This GAD is going to be the biggest ever, with 27 or 28 people hustling for some rustling. So get your chaps on, sharpen up those lariat skills, and cover your donkey well, 'cause it's gonna be a rip-roaring ride for a good 15 rounds.



The Infrequent Ackan is still, still looking for interviews. If you've held an office in Ackanomic for more than 2 months, then contact us for interview information. PLEASE CONTACT US - WE'RE DESPERATE FOR AN INTERVIEW!

The Ackan is now also running a pool on the length of the Grab-a-Donkey game. First come first serve for each length, put A$5 into the pool (by sending it to Slakko), and the winner takes it all. In the event that no-one correctly guesses the number of rounds, the outright closest will take it all, or it will be shared between the equal closest.

Lengths available in all positive integers, so why not have a gamble?

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