Volume 1, Issue 6


January 10, 1998

In this issue:

1. Newsflash

The dates of January 9th and 10th will be forever etched in the mind of Acka as the day the proposals went away. Ackanomic has tragically lost two of its greatest citizens, who passed away to become Undead within hours of each other. mr cwm and Malenkai had both lived in Acka for over 20 months, making them members of the earliest town planning councils, and responsible for many of the amenities that you see in Acka today. Right up until their untimely demise they continued working to better Acka, and in fact some of Malenkai's efforts are just now bearing fruit, even though he is no longer around to see the results.

Grieving Ackans first responded by immediately calling for the likenesses of both these great players to be entered into the Hall of Elders, as befits such statespeople. It is believed that the general clamour will see both mr cwm and Malenkai elevated to Elder status. This push is interestingly as much a part of Ackan religious belief as it is in recognition, for Ackans of course believe that players who die but are declared Elder will live on, and that eir possessions will remain intact.

Those of us recent arrivals in Acka have not seen as much of these two great players as we no doubt would have liked. What harfiness there must have been when these two were in their early days of mapping out what would become modern Acka! What new concepts must have been considered, deliberated, conceived! Alas we were too late to see that, but at least we were not too late to see them at all.

It is the opinion of this paper that the best thing that Ackans can do now is to continue the good works that Malenkai and mr cwm created, and ensure that all eir work is not in vain. Acka must continue, and continue on with honour, with faith, with intelligence, and most importantly with harf.

mr cwm, 27th February 1996 - 9th January 1998. H.I.P.

Malenkai, 20th March 1996 - 10th January 1998. H.I.P.

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