Volume 1, Issue 3

December 10, 1997

In this issue:

1. Editorial

2. Latest Ackanomic News, straight from the Horse's Mouth

3. The Chess Page



Welcome to the third issue of The Infrequent Ackan. After a quick break from Ackan work, the Editor has worked through the great pile of email and restored some measure of balance. The main trend in Acka these days appears to be towards more active players. This can only be seen to be good, for more people playing the game means a greater variety of thought, and more original ideas entering the Acka fold. A hearty welcome to all players who have joined the game since this Editor first set eyes on Acka, and may your time in Acka be long and prosperous.

In game play terms, we are still waiting on the results of CFJs to determine whether Cycle 16 ended or not on Thursday 27 November. However, some more pressing issues appear to be at hand. The first attempt this Editor has heard of to use a Pyraic Frobnotzer ended in Crumble, while the Vulcan Party appears to be amassing gadgets ready for an onslaught in the rules. We can only hope that somehow the rest of Acka bands together to restrict the Vulcan menace yet again.

Editor, The Infrequent Ackan

Latest Ackanomic News

By Slakko
Deuce Reporter, Infrequent Ackan

The SPAM Party's attack on Rule 1 appears to be complete, provided that the appealed CFJ is not overturned. Its supposed immutability has been eliminated, and it has been shifted to a more appropriate place in the Ruleset. SPAM has also gained from an increase in membership, making it the largest Political Party in Acka with a resounding membership of 6!

In other news:

The Grab-a-Donkey game had a null-effect round. One wonders how long it can go on for.

Malenkai definitely did not win a cycle in the last 168 hours.

Odo on the Wormhole began proceedings to once again become a Church, and thus possibly reinstate Synod.

The Chess Page

By Slakko

The last week in Party Chess has been interesting, to say the least. /dev/joe has managed to have 3 distinct Plays, all of which resulted in captures. However, despite this apparent lack of regard for his opponent's number of pieces, /dev/joe has actually had his weight reduced back below 100. We at the Ackan find this curious, and asked the Chess-Umpire for a reply. His only response was "What the hell do I care? I just calculate the weights. Go talk to Niccolo, or perhaps Mohammed if you can find him." It goes without saying that this verbal abuse took this reporter aback somewhat, especially as it was directed at the person who was giving it.

This column also received a correction last week, courtesy of Niccolo Flychuck. He pointed out that /dev/joe's Weight as of last week's column was indeed a record for the current weight calculation scheme, but did not constitute an all-time record. We at the Ackan apologise for this error whole-heartedly.

Some changes in the overall state of the game have occurred quite quickly, so a quick sum up is again in order:

1. /dev/joe is gaining pieces (except for the Kamikaze he used), but losing Weight. This can't happen for much longer, unless more people insist on Checking him. What will happen next?

2. Slakko has been devastated, losing his Tornado and Echo, to be reduced to a Weight of 8. How can he possibly get back from here?

3. Red Barn, thanks to /dev/joe, is no longer second on the weights. How long will he survive?

4. Niccolo and Alfvaen appear to be the main contenders for the new second place position. They haven't attacked each other yet, how long will this détente last?

5. Lastly, still no move from Karma.

Happy Party Chessing!

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