Volume 1, Issue 2

December 3, 1997

In this issue:

1. Editorial

2. Latest Ackanomic News, straight from the Horse's Mouth

3. The Chess Page



Welcome to the second issue of The Infrequent Ackan. This issue is being sent out for one reason in particular: the Editor is bored. Game play seems to have slowed down somewhat in the past week, a side effect no doubt of the confusion over the cycle number (and thus over whether a win actually occurred). While no doubt things will return to their normal hectic pace once CFJs 474 and 475 have gone through their appeals process, in the mean time settle back and enjoy the latest instalment of this humble paper.

Editor, The Infrequent Ackan

Latest Ackanomic News

By Slakko
Deuce Reporter, Infrequent Ackan

As we reported in our last issue, the SPAM Political Party was behind attempts to affect Rule 1. It appears that they have succeeded, at least for now. We apologise for last week's error, when 2392 and 2393 were incorrectly stated to be the appropriate proposals. They were, instead, 2388 and 2389. Nonetheless, these two proposals passed, claiming to enable the last paragraph of Rule 1 to be rendered null and void.

This claim immediately provoked a CFJ from /dev/joe, one of the ringleaders of the original Rule 1 fiasco. As an Evil Overlord of Ackanomic (retired), /dev/joe has a strong self-interest in ensuring that the prized position Rule 1 now enjoys within the ruleset remains untouched. The staff here at The Infrequent Ackan were, frankly, expecting this turn of events, however we were not sure of the outcome. The initial judgement of CFJ 477 went in favour of the SPAM Party's beliefs, with /dev/joe's claims struck out. At this stage, though, there is still the opportunity for an appeal, so SPAM cannot yet rest on its laurels.

Last week The Infrequent Ackan reported the "win" stunt pulled on Beldin's Pants. Both CFJ's submitted which claimed a cycle win did not occur were initially ruled FALSE, one by Alfvaen (himself one of the people looking for a win), and the other by Balsamic Dragon. Both of these rulings have since been appealed to the Supreme Court. As the proceedings are sub judice currently, The Infrequent Ackan will make no further comment.

In other Ackan news, the Brass Monkey bellowed earlier this week. Acka benefitted from a 12-proposal Chrome Streak, the first since this reporter started perusing the tangled web that is Acka. As a result, 15 bonus points were awarded to both of Slakko and Malenkai, with 5 points each to ThinMan and Niccolo Flychuck. We were going to interview the Brass Monkey for that special insight into the Chrome Streak, but he was not in his usual abode when this reporter stopped by. Maybe he needed that gargle too…

The Chess Page

By Slakko

Party Chess experienced a flurry of moves last week, with four players submitting legal non-trivial moves within the space of four hours. At the other end of the scale though, no non-trivial moves have been made since that Friday night / Saturday morning run. The most amazing thing about the sequence of moves was that the Free-For-All has been written into the ruleset, but did not need to be used to achieve this remarkable condition. However, current player opinion appears to be against having a Free-For-All at this stage. The Chess-Umpire has only received the responses of three Swingers, two of whom are ambivalent, and one who is against.

So, for those following Party Chess, a quick look at the current state of play:

1. /dev/joe is still taking the Vulcan pieces to greater heights, passing a weight of 100 a couple of turns ago, and reaching what is believed to be an all-time high of 102.5 with his last move. Will this spark a combined counter-attack from the other players, or will e be allowed to continue his long-time domination of Party Chess? Wait and see…

2. Red Barn, as the NAP player, has kept eir Office in second place despite Passing on eir last move. How long can this state of affairs last?

3. Slakko and Alfvaen have been involving their Party Swinger Offices in some start-up moves in the last few weeks. Right now Alfvaen has the weight lead, but Slakko deliberately reduced his weight in his last move. Why?

4. Niccolo Flychuck has been piecing a strategy together or so eir moves suggest, but e has yet to stick his King on board.

5. Karma has yet to submit a move as HARF Party Swinger. Any reasons, Karma?

Happy Party Chessing!

The Infrequent Ackan, first to you with Ackan news.

Copyright © Duncan Richer aka Slakko, 3/12/97.

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