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Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 12:10:20 -0700

HTML Standard, Volume I number 1

Welcome to the first issue of the HTML Standard!

The HTML Standard is currently accepting submissions. While we regret that we cannot currently pay our authors, we hope that the opportunity to enhance our character set is sufficient incentive for anyone with an Outrageous Accent. Please send submissions to two-star,, with Acka: HTML in the subject line, and I will publish them at the earliest conveniet time.

Accented Characters

The following strings beginning with the & character and ending with the ; character represent accented characters, in accordance with rule 500.1. Each is an accented form of the character which follows the & character, and each may be capitalized. A brief description has been provided for each.

â a a with a circumflex
é a e with an acute accent
ñ a n with a tilde
ö a o with an umlaut.
&qtip; a q with a rouded bulb at the bottom of the stem.
&ugoslavia; a u which is currently divided into 5 parts of different sizes.
&trex; a t with a crown on top.
&spresso; a s with many tiny jagged zigzags.
&mbarrassed; a m that is a rosy shade of pink.
&levated; an l which is one character height above the other characters on the same line.
&rpentomino; the r pentomino, which despite looking nothing like the letter r, is an accented form of that character.

**two-sta&rpentomino;, Editor-in-chief

Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 15:45:38 -0700

The HTML Standard Volume I number 2

By popular demand:

The following is an accented representation of the letter z, followed by its description.

&z3/4; it is three-fourths of the letter z.

**two-star, Editor in chief, HTML Standard

Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997 21:55:19 -0700

The HTML Standard Volume 1, number 3

We had planned to bring you coverage of the world tromino go championships and an exclusive look at the map to the Curious Clock of Uesticlox treasure in this issue. Unfortunately, our computer, which has been going through a bout of depression due to its impending obsolescence, somehow got confused and combined the two. In the hopes that someone may be able to extricate one from the other, we are publishing the computer's output.

  CA    clcNAECf*T
  aA*tBAAE  bw*U*V
      BUBg    CACi

$ _

Just as we were going to press, I accidentally spilled some ink on the strange computer output. I apologize if that inconveniences anybody.

embarassed editor

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