non-Modest proposal accepted: author +10, NO voters +3
proposal rejected, meets quorum: author -7, YES voters +3
proposal fails quorum: abstainers -5
proposal is short: author +5
non-Modest proposal accepted, new player: author +3
proposal rejected: author +3


silly proposal: author +5
foolish proposal: author +10


Score between -60 and -1 million: reset to zero
Score -60: +80


foolish proposal: all score effects doubled


Modest proposal: half non-Modest score from R207
Grandiose proposal accepted: +6 author


Literature: +1/sentence or +1/14 words(whichever is lower)
Great Work accepted: -7 for NO voters


Does not respond to CFJ selection in three days: -10


Does not deliver judgement within seven days of accepting: -10


Original verdict upheld on appeal: -1 to -25(default -25) to appealer
Original verdict overturned on appeal: -1 to -10(default -10) to original judge


Failure to complete ritual: -10


Invalid bribe proposal passes: -15 to author, no other score changes


Non-modest proposal passes unanimously:
player with lowest score(if only one): +2
players with lowest score(if more than one): increase to 2, or +3


Retracting proposal, unless new player: -2
Retracting CFJ: -1
Retracting Miscellaneous Submission: -1


Politeness Moon rules not polite: -3


IP rejected: -10


Internomic Proposal passes: +7 to author


Scientist impeached: -20
Scientist resigns while an IP is pending: -5

Rule 620:

Player cannot afford 18 A$ to feed Goose: -9

Rule 668:

Chartreuse Goose Egg used: score reduced to zero, if positive

Rule 670:

Commission d'Arts fails to produce a report: -2 to each member
Silver Moon recipient is in Gaol: -5

Rule 901:

Proposal passes, author has Magic Potato: +3
Proposal passes, author has Great Tuba of Ackanomic: +1

Rule 909:

Player posts Phoebe's wisdom: +6
Hearing finds Phoebe's wisdom bogus: -12 to author
Player loses Phoebe's matchbox: -3

Rule 910:

Vile Prophecies page in Ackanomicon: -5
Inner Workings page in Ackanomicon: -5
Terrorizing Pages in Ackanomicon: -15
Forbidden Fruits page in Ackanomicon: -20

Rule 913:

Guest of Honour does not provide a parade description in seven days: -10
Parade occurs, player owns Great Trombone: +10
Parade occurs: +1 to all other players

Rule 915:

Forehead Tribunal rules 'is toppy's a copy: -2

Rule 919:

Author of proposal in Chrome Streak: +5 (up to +15 max per streak)

Rule 938:

Ambassador captures a Nomic: +40
Player helps Ambassador capture a Nomic: +20

Rule 1044:

Swingpoints converted to Points: +1 per 2 Swingpoints converted

Rule 1112:

Harfy proposal passes: +5 to author

Rule 1129:

New player complains of loss of points: score raised to next prime number higher than current score

Rule 1211:

Boon fails Bogusity Hearing: -11 to desciber

Rule 1213:

Winner of Grab-A-Donkey: +3 + number of donkeys grabbed

Rule 1215:

Duel over: +6 winner, +3 winner's second, -6 loser, -3 loser's second
Duel forfeited: +6 challenger, -6 challenged

Rule 1240.14:

Scientist For A Day Card Blueprint protested: -10 to creator

[Note: No more than 20 points/calendar month from Games]

Rule 1250.7:

Winner: +8

Rule 1250.9:

Winner, non-duel: +4 points(four or fewer players), +5-+7(five to seven players), +8(more than eight players)

Rule 1250.14:

End of game, winner(s) declared: +8 divided among winning side(rounded down)

Rule 1307:

Burned as a witch: -10

Rule 1313:

Tornado: non-Sheltered players' scores randomized
Vacationing player's house loses tether in tornado, describes journey to two-letter land: +5

Rule 1324:

Ambushed by Thargoids: -1