The Big White Gazette

"Wasting Bandwidth Off And On For A Few Months Now"

The BWG has been planning an exclusive scoop for weeks now: A preview of a soon-to-be-published manuscript by the Ackanomian Undead variously known as snowgod, Mr. Nacho, and Mr. Lunatic Fringe(currently controlled as a Zombie). However, with some embarrassment the editorial staff must confess to having misplaced their copy of said manuscript, so perhaps it shall appear later. In the meantime, under strict instructions from their editor to keep the paper from going Belly-Up, the staff of the BWG has prepared the following tidbits:

Fantasy Billboard Moves
Last week the Fantasy Billboard contest, a key element in the Snail Shell treasure, seemed to be grinding to a halt. In fact, it was merely preparing to resurface in a new format, and at a new URL. It is now located at, and is based entirely around Microsoft Active Server Pages, which is widely perceived as a step backwards. Also, due to some kind of glitch, in the week of transition the plays of many players seem to have been lost. However, the game is continuing, and seemingly thriving.

President Denies Rumours of Cowardice
Recent allegations that President Alfvaen was so scared of the Orange Menace that e was afraid to leave eir house have been denied by the famed Ackanomian. The President states that while e is still uncertain how to deal with the Menace, as revealed in eir recent posting of the wisdom of Phoebe, e is far from "afraid" of them, and eir recent spurt of inactivity has been mostly the result of the necessity of dealing with Extranomic (though not Internomic)duties. The interview, conducted by carrier parrot, was necessarily brief, so the customary inquiries about treasure clues were met only with a curt "You can count, can't you?"

No Watermelon
Recent reports of watermelon sightings have been proven false.

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