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"Wasting Bandwidth For A Couple of Months Now"

In our dedication to continuing coverage of treasure hunts and stuff like that, we bring you the reports on the first round of the "Fantasy Billboard" treasure:

So far there are two Ackanomian contestants, /dev/joe with his label "Godel Escher Bach", and Vynd with "Sonic Vynd". Alfvaen, though ineligible for the treasure, has two record labels, "Azpiazu Records" and "Temple of Azpiazu Records", and we include his results here merely for comparison.

After one week:

Sonic Vynd--rank 523, 1212 points
Temple of Azpiazu Records--rank 629, 1153 points
Godel Escher Bach--rank 843, 906 points
Azpiazu Records--rank 873, 814 points

Comments: Vynd does well because of his astuteness in choosing Jamiroquai and Beck's current albums, which, despite their lengthy tenure on the charts, have surged due to their recent MTV Awards appearances, as well as the new Oasis album, and Smash Mouth's "Fush Yu Mang", which has been climbing steadily for weeks. However, he also picks two Heatseekers which fail to chart, which bring down his score. (Although picking the Barenaked Ladies live album "Rock Spectacle" is entirely understandable.) Also, the fact that the current #1 album, "Ghetto D" by Master P, rose from last week's #137 position, garnering over 500 points alone, has shut out anyone who didn't choose it from the top rankings. /dev/joe also suffers from having chosen "Rock Spectacle", and several other lower entries in the Top 200 that are likely to move down and drop off the chart in the weeks to come.

The Big White Gazette would like to remind those who have not entered that there is still time, since neither /dev/joe nor Vynd seem likely to rise into the Top 50 in the next three weeks. That URL again is:

And Alfvaen reiterates his offer to provide through email any material required to play for those without web access.

Go to Alfvaen's Ackanomic page.

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