Clues, Riddles, and Guesses for Treasure 123

Mohammed wrote (Feb 13, 1997):

> Getting warmer.... warmer.... but nope.  Aint no teasure under my floorboards.
        I am creating a Trinket called "Rosebud".  It is a little black
sled worth A$ 1.
        I am returning to snowgod's house with Rosebud.
        I am sledding back and forth across his floor.

snowgod wrote (Feb 14, 1997):

Ooh. When all else fails try the obvious. But nope, I'm sorry. Rosebud is not my sled. I do imagine that it might be kind of fun to sled down tower sometime,maybe on january 31st after a big blizzard.

snowgod wrote (Feb 19, 1997):

Imagine if you will a group of treasure hunters. Treasure hunteers who have so far ignored the clues and failed to find the staute of snowgod mae entirely of blue jelly.

Now imagine, if you will, the following URL will in some way help you with your quest.

fnord wrote (Feb 20, 1997):

My Elwes is telling me (even though he can't, technically) that Elvis is still bothering him. I decide to get out of my House, and take a walk around our fair Ackanomic.

I go back to the Monument to Futility, unable to enter its fair walls, to gaze upon the statue of the Chartreus Goose, posed so gloriously. Still, I must retrieve my Elvis. I take to wing, gliding up along the Monument's spire. I reach out my hand, and mysteriously, the Elvis Trinket appears, as if out of nowhere, into my hand. I knew, however, that it was merely the force of the talens drawing it to me.

I fly with my Elvis, over to the Tower of Bandwidth. I greet /dev/joe, look down over the edge and say to him, "You should throw the vine down to Jane, as Cheetah has no paws with which to catch it."

I bid farewell to /dev/joe, taking flight again, heading for the Treasury. Once there, I look at my Elvis. I can hear him say "Don't be cruel." Needs must be met, though, and so I destroy my Elvis Trinket, getting back the A$23 from its creation. I donate that A$23 to the Round Earth Restoration Society, for it seems a wonderfully Discordian thing to do.

I then return home.

fnord wrote (Feb 21, 1997):

My, some of use are getting to see a lot of this lovely place we calll Ackanomicc. It being such a wonderful day, I've decided to take a walk, and can't help feeling happy. A song starts filling my head. "Belle Qui Tien" I start humming it to myself, and find my feet starting to dance instead of walk. It's a rather simple /pavanne/, one I could probably still teach from back when I was the Dance Master for my Barony in the SCA.

The joy of this dance/tune, is that it also has words. I start singing "Belle qui tiens ma vie, mai daunte plaisereux...

As I continue on, I find myself dancing and singing my way to the rocky foundation of the Gaol. And, what before my wondering eyes should appear? No, not Saint Nicholas, but a shovel, made out of rock of the Gaol. I grab it, suddenly finding in my hands a newly-created Trinket, the Gaol House Rock Shovel. It is about 3 feet long, and although composed of stone, is surprisingly light and sturdy. It looks to be worth A$23. Looking around the kaa of land around the Gaol, I find a spot suitable for digging, and I begin digging with the Gaol House Rock Shovel. It must mean something. I hear the faint memory of the voice of my Elvis Trinket saying "Uh-huh-uh!".

snowgod wrote (Feb 21, 1997):

I'm all shook up by your attempt, fnord, but its midnight in the Garden of Good and Elvis. The Gaolers house is not the Gaol House, and Cow Town is not Blue Hawaii. So, if you aint nothin but a houndog, sniff your way the correct location!

fnord wrote (Feb 21, 1997):

Well, I heard that there was a party at your place, so I'm gonna head over to snowgod's beach cottage, because he did give permission to go there earlier today. I'm gonna bring the Shovel, just in case

I know I'm on the trail, so I start Morris dancing down the street, using the Shovel instead of the customary wooden pole. This is tough stuff, here, and really killer on the shins. Since I know I'm getting close, I start singing a happy bouncy song. I think "Walking on Sunshine" should be just the things to keep my spirits bouyed until I reach the cottage.

When I get to the shindig, I do just that, hurt on my shins, and start digging. I try to do it so as not to disturb the other guests at the party. I mutter to myself "I'm even getting hungry for a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich.

snowgod wrote (Feb 21, 1997):

Fnord has dug and dug well, abnd found the Statue of snowgod made entirely of blue jello.

The Entire map to the treasure was:


{{or so it would appear at first glance, but rosebud is nothing but a throwback to the Steal Flea Gazette year end predicition issue. The treasure will be found by the player who

A) Finds (or places) a statue of Elvis in the Monument to Futility
B) Does a Song and Dance (elvis will tell you how)
c) Amuses me in the process of
d) digging in my floor}}

snowgod wrote (Feb 21, 1997):

I have to ask. Did you create three trinkets as a mask of your real activities, or because you (literally) couldn't read the writing on the wall?

fnord wrote (Feb 21, 1997):

It was a mask, and yes on number two.

It took me a while before I noticed the quality could be changed on the pics I was receiving from the site. But, I figured I didn't want to give it away incase other people had more information that I might have missed, so I decided to cover my tracks as well.

My question to you is "Who are those people, and which one is your accomplice?"

snowgod wrote (Feb 21, 1997):

I don't know who those people are, besides the oweners of the nifiest WebCam I have ever seen. When I stumbled accross that, I wrote a letter to "Project Manager", Bob Lepkowski, asking if he'd mind writing a cryptic message on the top of his whiteboard for a treasure hunt and he said no problem. Swell bunch of folks there, I'd say. If I needed to buy something in the area of whatever it is they were selling, I think i'd buy it from them :)

I was thinking it would be fun to scatter smaller clues all accross the room, but then I figured that might be too tricky. How long did you have to look around before you found the hint? I pointed the camera in the general direction of the Board, but not right at it. Originally, I was going to point it at the ceiling.

BTW, did anyone else try out that WebCam? It's kinda of fun. If you try it at night, and turn the thing around to look at the window behind it, you can look right into the lens of the camera that you are looking at yourself from :)

Another time I aimed the Cam at the guys monitor well he was using his computer and was actually able to watch him play with AutoCAD.

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