Clues, Riddles, and Guesses for Treasure 105

Niccolo Flychuck wrote (Nov 15, 1996):

In the past week I've managed to post clues about two out of three conditions for my Treasure Map (I've written the one). If you want any clues about the third condition, you gonna have to fight it out of me.

Niccolo Flychuck wrote (Nov 16, 1996):

Three deeds must be done to find the Chalice from the Palace.
The first has half been done by one.
The second has been done by one, and did not go unrecognized.
The third has been attempted by none.

Need less to say, the keeper of this secret does not count, and would take the road less traveled by to avoid returning to the place where the Chalice from the Palac has been hidden.

Niccolo Flychuck wrote (Dec 06, 1996):

On Thu, 5 Dec 1996, Malenkai wrote:
> Malenkai
> who believes he has found the Chalice in the Palace, and awaits
> confirmation from Niccolo

Challenge twice and be victorious
Or be Challenged to that end
Alas, if you have beem redundant
Then you have not reached your quest's end.

Forging a tool for such an activity
Is necessary for the festivity.

Niccolo Flychuck wrote (Jan 04, 1997):

> Uri Bruck wrote:
> > Malenkai posted eir Limerick first, and therefore wins the Duel.
> Certainly I have satisified the conditions for finding the Chalice in
> the Palace by now :)

I'm afraid not.

I will reveal a condition everytime I lose a Duel. Until there are no more conditions to be revealed.

Niccolo Flychuck wrote (Jan 25, 1997):

As I've mentioned before, the map for this treasure is out on the web. The URL is********.txt

I think with all the information posted thus far, and in a couple of posts to come, anyone should be able to at least know what the map is, even if they do not find the treasure

Red Barn wrote (Jan 27, 1997):********.txt ... as simple as that. So far, I've tried replacing those eight asterisks with "Treasure", "treasure", "chalicepa", "chpalace", "palacech", "forehead", "Forehead", "FOREHEAD", "chpaprfo", and even "FermatLT". I don't mind the guessing - that's fun - but could we at least know whether to use upper or lower case?

Niccolo Flychuck wrote (Feb 02, 1997):

Here's the map:

1. Win two Duels provided that each Duel is against a different player, and that for each Duel a different sub-game is employed.
2. The author of at least one G and C proposal which has been accepted, and is suitable to be used in a Duel.
3. The author of a rule which defines an Otzma Card type which not realted to either voting or PartyChess

Guy Fawkes was the first to fulfill all conditions

1. He won a Duel against Robert Sevin with a Limerick
   He won a Duel agaisnt Mohammed with ghost

2. He is the author of ghost.

3. He is the author of Scientist for a Day Otzma Card.

(and he had to remind of this, just as I was looking up the Duels realizing that he might have found this Treasure. Really)

I'm sure Ackanomic can't wait to hear how Guy Fawkes found the Treasure.

Guy Fawkes wrote (Feb 02, 1997):

You gave it away, really; I've known the map for quite some time now, but
the Otzma requirement kept eluding me.  I would have had it while I was
on vacation in January, but I forgot to mention that the Fix My Gadget
Otzma was a mention of the Otzma Card Rule suite.

Anyway, here's how it worked.  On November 15, Niccolo said:

>In the past week I've managed to post clues about two out of three
>conditions for my Treasure Map (I've written the one). If you want any
>clues about the third condition, you gonna have to fight it out of me.

which led me to search the past few days of email digest which included this:

>It appears that there is some confusion about G and C proposlas, perhaps
>because there very few of those, although those that include two players
>to win may prove to beneficial to the players who author them.

and this

>It's time for
>all those creative minds out there to propose new types of Cards ( the
>RuneMaker being no exception) , and not just about voting or PartyChess.

I couldn't quite figure out the third requirement (I thought it had
something to do with PartyChessPieces, but the clue he gave saying how
many people had fulfilled the various requirements so far didn't make
sense in that context.  I was more or less stumped until he posted this:)

Dec 6:
>Challenge twice and be victorious
>Or be Challenged to that end
>Alas, if you have beem redundant
>Then you have not reached your quest's end.

at which point I felt I had four possible conditions (I still felt
PartyChessPieces were in there, and I couldn't figure which of the four
things I didn't belong; no matter how I thought about it, I felt I'd
misinterpreted one clue, so I decided to fulfill every condition I could
possibly think of until he bestowed the Chalice upon me.

It worked.

Incidentally, what was the filename of the Treasure Map on the web; I
never found it.

Niccolo Flychuck wrote (Feb 02, 1997):

As you wrote, I gave it away. The Presidential Speech for acka's birthday included a paragraph that refered to the history of names. Chalice of the Palace is a movie refference. "Court Jester" I made a further refference to this movie on Jan 27 with the line "President of jokers and a joker of a President" Paraphrasing Danny Kaye's "King of Jesters and Jester to the King" (I know this is more of a trivia thing than a logic puzzle, but Ackanomic is full of obscure refferences, and, as GF noted, all the information was already out there) The filename had to do with one more bit of trivia, the history of the actor's name. Danny Kaye's real name was David Daniel Kaminski, and the latter, all in lower case, is the name of the file.

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